ENGL 0383

Description:  This course provides dynamic communicative practice for students whose primary language is other than English, exposing them to the uses of language in a variety of relevant contexts. Students increase their degree of fluency, accuracy, and comprehension in listening and speaking skills necessary for personal, academic, and professional communication.  They develop skills at using functional language for giving advice, describing, narrating, and expressing ability and possibility, and making predictions.

Learning Outcomes:  Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to

1.       Express functions of the language such as making requests, giving advice, agreeing and disagreeing, expressing ability and possibility.

2.       Respond to questions and comments and elaborate on the topic by summarizing ideas, giving examples, or defining.

3.       Develop vocabulary related to listening and speaking tasks.

4.       Demonstrate discourse that is connected [and, but, first, next, then, because] and reasonably fluent, with few hesitations and pauses.

5.       Understand and report the main ideas and details in short audio listening segments.

6.       Use correct intonation and pronunciation with specific words and word endings with increasing accuracy.

7.       Give a short presentation on an assigned topic.

8.       Be understood outside the classroom setting most of the time.

9.      Understand and use more sophisticated reductions and contractions.

10.   Participate in and demonstrate understanding of routine questions and answers, statements, and face-to-face conversations in familiar/unfamiliar contexts containing some unfamiliar vocabulary.

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