ENGL 0382

Description:  In this course students increase proficiency in the spoken language necessary for personal, academic, and professional communication. Students communicate with a growing degree of fluency, using newly acquired vocabulary with some degree of accuracy, and master basic language functions. Students acquire and practice strategies for comprehending statements and short spoken passages.

Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to

1.      Demonstrate understanding of spoken conversations using familiar material in unpredictable contexts.

2.      Ask and answer questions about short oral text.

3.      Express basic functions such as giving instructions, making requests and asking for clarification in a clear, organized way.

4.      Recognize the main ideas in short listening tasks. Respond to open-ended questions.

5.      Use correct intonation with spoken phrases and sentences.

6.      Use correct pronunciation with specific words and word endings with increasing accuracy.

7.      Be understood by a sympathetic listener outside the classroom.

8.      Give a short presentation on a familiar topic. 

9.      Understand and use common reductions and contractions.

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