ESOL Reading 4 / Developmental Reading I for ESOL Students

ENGL 0304

Description:  This is a basic reading course designed to improve reading efficiency through word analysis skills, vocabulary, comprehension and rate. Sentence/paragraph writing is required to complement extensive and varied reading activities.

Core Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to

1.       Read and comprehend a variety of college preparatory informational text.

2.       Identify and use the steps involved in active reading; apply self-monitoring and self-correcting strategies while reading.

3.       Determine the appropriate meaning of unfamiliar words and phrases in their context through use of phonetic clues, context clues, structural analysis, and glossary/dictionaries.

4.       Make connections between new reading materials and existing knowledge.

5.       Identify stated and implied main ideas in a variety of informational text.

6.       Distinguish major and minor details in a variety of informational text.

7.       Use main ideas and details to practice re-organization of a variety of informational text into summaries, maps, and outlines.

8.       Recognize patterns of organization commonly used in a variety of informational text.

9.       Apply test-taking strategies.

ESOL-Specific Outcomes:

10.   Use a variety of textual clues such as sentence connectors, transitions, and pronoun references to comprehend the meaning and structure of a text.

11.   Demonstrate awareness of purpose, style, and register in a variety of text types.

12.   Use paraphrasing and annotating in response to readings.

13.   Locate and use library reference materials.

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