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Interpreter Training Technology AAS Degree

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The interpreter training technology associate of applied science degree prepares graduates for entry-level careers as American Sign Language/ English Interpreters. The interpreter training technology program will provide graduates with a strong academic and technical foundation designed to prepare them for state certification. 

The interpreter training technology associate of applied science degree requires the completion of 65 semester credit hours of coursework. The program includes a supervised internship as a capstone external learning experience, which integrates all instructional components of the program. 

The general education core will transfer to a variety of colleges and universities. Contact a counselor or faculty member at any of the colleges for specific information and to obtain the recommended sequencing of courses.

Certification – Employment in this field requires industry certification from the Texas Health and Human Services, Board for Evaluation of Interpreters (BEI) Registry.

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Credits earned in the ASL Communications Skills Certificate Level I program may be applied to this degree.


Prerequisite Semester Courses 9 Credits
SGNL 1401 Beginning American Sign Language I 4
SLNG 1215 Visual/Gestural Communication 2
EDUC 1300 Learning Framework: 1st Year Experience 3
First Semester Courses 11 Credits
SLNG 1207 Intra-lingual Skills Development for Interpreters 2
SGNL 1402 Beginning American Sign Language II 4
SLNG 1211 Fingerspelling and Numbers 2
SLNG 1317 Introduction to the Deaf Community 3
Second Semester Courses 13 Credits
SLNG 1321 Introduction to the Interpreting Profession 3
ENGL 1301 Composition and Rhetoric I 3
Elective-or-Elective-and-PHED Natural Sciences Elective1-or-MATH Elective1-and-Any 1-hour physical activity course1 4-or-3-and-1
SGNL 2301 Intermediate American Sign Language I 3
Third Semester Courses 6 Credits
SGNL 2302 Intermediate American Sign Language II 3
SOCI 1301 Principles of Sociology 3
Fourth Semester Courses 9 Credits
SLNG 2401 Interpreting I2 4
SLNG 2320 Structure of American Sign Language (ASL) 3
SLNG 1246 Working with Deaf-Blind Persons 2
Fifth Semester Courses 12 Credits
SLNG 2402 Interpreting II 4
SLNG 2315 Interpreting in Educational Settings 3
SLNG 1391 Special Topics - Interpreting in Specialized Settings 3
SLNG 2266 Practicum(or Field Experience) - Sign Language Interpretation and Translation 2
Sixth Semester Courses 5 Credits
SLNG 2431 Interpreting III 4
SLNG 2186 Internship - Sign Language Interpretation and Translation4 1
TOTAL Credit Hours for Interpreter Training Technology AAS Degree: 65 Credits


  1. Students must take either a 4 credit hour Natural Science course from the AAS Core, OR a combination of a 3 hour MATH course from the AAS Core, plus any 1 credit hour PHED course.
  2. Student must have passed the Mid-Program Evaluation. Student should also begin attempting the DARS BEI Test of English Proficiency. Contact the Interpreter Training Dept. for more information.
  3. Choose from MULTICULTURAL (GEOG 1303, HIST 2322, PHIL 1304 or SOCI 2319)
  4. Capstone Course

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Career Options

Median wage: 50,9921

Representative career titles and job positions for this program plan include:

  • Interpreter 2
  • Educational Interpreter2
  • Video Relay Interpreter2

Gainful Employment

The U.S. Department of Education requires colleges to disclose a variety of information for any financial aid eligible program that “prepares students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation."


  1. Texas Wages and Employment Projections is brought to you by the Labor Market & Career Information (LMCI) Department of the Texas Workforce Commission. TexasWages.com
  2. Position titles vary by employer and location.


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