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Interpreter Training Technology AAS

The Interpreter Training Technology AAS degree (AAS_INTP) is offered at LSC-CyFair and LSC-North Harris. For more information, please contact the Interpreter Training Department.

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Program Description

The interpreter training technology associate of applied science degree prepares graduates for entry-level careers as American Sign Language/English Interpreters. The interpreter training technology program will provide graduates with a strong academic and technical foundation designed to prepare them for state certification.

The interpreter training technology associate of applied science degree requires the completion of 67-68 semester credit hours of coursework including 30-31 semester credit hours of general academic courses and 37 semester credit hours of technical coursework. The program includes a supervised internship as a capstone external learning experience, which integrates all instructional components of the program.

The general education core will transfer to a variety of colleges and universities. Contact a counselor or faculty member at any of the colleges for specific information and to obtain the recommended sequencing of courses.

Program Plan

First Year Credits

Course Number Title Credits
Elective1   Humanities/Fine Arts 3
ENGL 1301 Composition & Rhetoric I 3
SGNL 1401 Beginning American Sign Language I 4
SLNG 1215 Visual/Gestural Communication 2
SLNG 1317 Intro to the Deaf Community 3
SGNL 1402 Beginning American Sign Language II 4
SLNG 1211 Fingerspelling 2
SLNG 1321 Intro to the Interpreting Profession 3
SLNG 1347 Deaf Culture 3
SPCH2   Elective 3
Elective1   Social/Behavioral Science 3
SLNG 2401 Interpreting I 4
KINE   Any physical activity course 1

TOTAL Credit Hours for First Year:


Second Year Credits

Course Number Title Credits
Elective3   Math/Natural Science 3-4
ITSC 1401 Introduction to Computers 4
SGNL 2301 Intermediate American Sign Language I 3
SLNG 2315 Interpreting in Educational Settings 3
SLNG 2402 Interpreting II 4
SGNL 2302 Intermediate American Sign Language II  3
SLNG 2431 Interpreting III 4
SLNG4 2589 Internship 5

TOTAL Credit Hours for Second Year:


Total Credits

TOTAL Credit Hours for
Interpreter Training Technology AAS Degree:


  1. Either social/behavioral science or humanities/fine arts elective must meet multicultural requirement.
    See general education requirements for AAS degree listed in the catalog.
  2. Choose a three (3) credit hour SPCH course.
  3. See core requirements for AAS degree for options. Students must meet TSI requirements.
    See for details.
  4. Capstone course.
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