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Safety Concerns

*SAFETY MANUAL AND MSDS in hard copies are kept in the organic lab and in a room adjacent to both freshmen labs.

*MSDS ON LINE in the College server is available to NHC students in rooms WN114 and 116.

*ALL EMERGENCY PROCEDURES (evacuation, chemical spills, major medical needs) are handled by the NHC Police and Safety Services Department.

*STORAGE OF CHEMICALS. Chemicals are stored and segregated according to flammability and chemical incompatibility in proper cabinets and locations.

*WASTE DISPOSAL. All hazardous waste is collected, labeled, stored, consolidated, and disposed of according to safety rules.

*STUDENT TRAINING is conducted by the instructors.

*SAFETY AGREEMENT. As part of the safety training, each student signs the following safety agreement.

Chemistry Laboratory Safety Agreement

At all times, when I am working in the Chemistry laboratory, I will use good laboratory safety practices.
While in the laboratory, the following will be my guide to laboratory safety.


1. Wear safety goggles at all times.

2. Wear clothing that protects my body and feet and prevents accidents; including pants or knee long shorts or skirts, close-fitting sleeves, closed shoes, etc. (no shorts, no mini-skirts, no T-shirts, no high heels, no sandals, no dangling belts, no large jewelry, no loose long hair, etc.).

3. Understand what I am to do in each experiment. In doubt I will ask the instructor. Do only assigned experiments, following the procedure in the laboratory manual.

4. Be aware of the location of all safety equipment: fire extinguisher, eyewashes and showers, safety blankets, first aid kit and sand buckets.

5. Never work in the lab without the instructor being present, will carry out experiments only in the assigned laboratory room, and will not enter chemical prep rooms and storage rooms.

6. REPORT ALL ACCIDENTS TO THE INSTRUCTOR IMMEDIATELY, no matter how minor. Comment on a neighbor engaging in an unsafe practice or operation including telling the instructor if necessary.

7. Never put anything in my mouth: items, chemicals, food, or drinks. Never inhale gases or vapors unless instructed to do so.

8. Read carefully all labels on chemicals and waste bottles. Will not pour chemicals back into their original containers, and will close all containers after I use them.

9. Dispose of waste or excess chemicals according to the instructor's directions.

10. Use the fume hood when instructed to do so.

11. Keep my laboratory bench and work area clean and free of items not related to the experiment.

12. Dispose of broken glass only in the container marked for glass disposal.

13. Clean up any spill immediately by the approved method as it was explained by the instructor. Report serious spills and breaking of thermometers to the instructor.

14. Dispose of all trash in the assigned containers properly. Make sure the laboratory is clean and wash my hands before I leave.

I have read carefully the above and have listened to the discussion of Safety and Laboratory Rules.
I understand their importance for the safety of all people in my laboratory. I recognize my responsibility to abide by the Safety and Laboratory Rules while in the Chemistry laboratory.

In addition, I agree to check out of the laboratory with the instructor before the end of the semester, even if I drop the course.

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