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Lab Personnel

• Provide friendly, knowledgeable technical assistance where needed.
• Monitor the environs and security of the lab during its operation.
• Maintain an up-to-date schedule of reserved and open lab hours.
• Keep the system and equipment operating and in good, clean, and neat condition.
• Promote the advantages of learning another language among the Lone Star College–CyFair community.
• Assist the Lab Coordinator with various projects to promote and develop the lab (ex. tabulating lab usage data, composing instructional materials, etc.).

Core Values, Talents, & Skills of Lone Star College-CyFair Language Lab Staff
(some citations from & inspired by Patricia Lamb, former IALLT Secretary/Parliamentarian):

Positive attitude & genuine appreciation of linguistic & cultural diversity
Language lab staff take their work seriously and enjoy being here. Working in the lab is one of the most enjoyable and interesting jobs on campus. While many other places talk about embracing diversity, we are one of those special places where our celebration of diversity is obvious: where else on campus (or in the whole Cypress area, for that matter) can you go to hear and see so many different languages being spoken by so many different people in one great place? And that diversity's not just among our students and faculty: lab employees are paradigms for cultural and linguistic diversity and understanding. Working here is an opportunity like no other to learn about other languages, cultures, and technology, with lots of room for personal growth.

Consistency, dependability, reliability, & self-motivation
Lab workers show up on time. Once they get here, they know what the priorities are and follow through by doing a good job.

Lab workers give constructive criticism wherever it's needed. Fresh perspectives and alternative solutions are always welcome and usually necessary! If something's not working right, lab staff try to fix it, get it fixed, or suggest ways to improve it.

Spirit of cooperation
We're all in this together! We share the responsibilities of the lab equally. Teamwork involves successfully passing the ball to the next person coming on duty. Heads up! Catch!

Sense of responsibility and honesty
Lab workers are trusted with the safety and security of an extremely valuable campus resource (valuable in more ways than one). They are so responsible and self-motivated that many of their duties can be performed unsupervised.

Good communication and customer service skills
Lab attendants answer the phone, interact with faculty, staff, and students. They may also be required to write messages, lists, instructions, explanations, etc. Being articulate, concise, polite, and courteous in whatever languages we need to are vital communication skills in our bustling lab environment.

Working in the language lab ranks as a high priority in the lives of all of its employees. A willingness to work varied hours (mornings, nights, & weekends) is essential. Trading shifts and remembering favors are part of our routine.

Analytical skill and a sense of perspective
The language lab is a complex place with often never-before-seen or otherwise strange, wacky, kooky problems that pop up every single day. We react to these with our eyes on the solution! We provide a wide variety of services to a diverse and well-informed clientele. Lab employees are just as comfortable looking at the big picture as they are at the minutiae of day to day affairs. We go effortlessly from one task to another (or at least we try to make it look effortless!).