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General Information

Closing Time

  If a student has started a test already, the test must be completed by closing time.  All tests will be collected and the doors closed at the posted time.


  • Only those supplies indicated by the instructor will be allowed.
  • The Assessment Center will provide notebook paper and scratch paper but these items must be returned to the staff upon completion of the test.
  • Students must furnish any additional approved supplies, i.e. pencils, pens, answer documents, etc.


  • If a student is suspected of cheating, the incident will be documented on an Irregularity Report and sent to the instructor and Dean.
  • The Assessment Center staff will inform the student of the Irregularity Report and the student will not be allowed to continue testing.


Student Belongings

  • Students must leave all books, backpacks, etc. in a designated space.
  • Students should leave cell phones, pagers and any other electronic devices in their cars when possible. Electronic devices brought into the center must be turned off and stored in a locker.
  • Hats, caps, and watches must also be stored in a locker for the duration of the test.

Breaks During a Test

  • Once a student begins testing, he or she is not allowed to leave the test room for beverages/food or trips to the restroom except for emergency cases. The student must obtain staff permission before leaving. All testing must be completed in one sitting.

Monitoring During Tests

  • Talking is not permitted.
  • Students are monitored with audio and visual monitors.
  • An Irregularity Report will be used to document any unusual occurrences.

Special Needs

  • The Assessment Center will provide appropriate accommodations to special needs students who have documentation from Disability Services. Faculty members need to state the accommodations to be made on the Instructor's Test Referral.
  • The Assessment Center staff will not provide special accommodations unless indicated by the faculty member.
  • If a separate room is needed, the student is responsible for contacting the Assessment Center to reserve the room 48 hours in advance.

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