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Please be aware that there are guidelines in place regarding posting notices, fliers and posters on campus. These procedures are intended to allow for the free flow of information while retaining the aesthetic integrity of our campus. Please follow the guidelines below when posting anything on campus.

Restroom Stalls:
Announcements may be placed in our weekly Timberwolf Times which is updated weekly and appears in every bathroom stall on campus. Submissions for the Timberwolf Times must be received by noon on Thursday and may be sent to TomballCollegeRelations@LoneStar.edu

External Flyers: The College Relation Office maintains two community boards on which they will place flyers from external organizations for two weeks at a time. All flyers must be brought to the College Relations Office where they are approved and stamped. College Relations personnel will post the flyers to the boards.

We realize effective promotion is vital when it comes to events and programs and are making every effort to improve communication. If you have any questions or suggestions, please call the Community Relations office.