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Workforce Council

Mission Statement

To impact the economic vitality and continued success of corporations and small businesses in the greater Houston area by developing a highly skilled talent pool for employers to foster responsiveness to a global workforce in the 21st century.

Workforce Council Members

Co-Chairs: Linda Head, AVC & Rebecca Riley, VPI
Facilitator: Cheryl Smith
WebEx Facilitator: Deborah Jurries
Note Taker: Sherry Young


Office of Academic Affairs: Debra Rockefeller, Marie Thibodeaux
Workforce Scholarships (WIA): Michelle Greer
Grants & Resource Development: Elizabeth Thompson
Marketing & Communication: Lana Pigao
Office of Research & Institutional Effectiveness (ORIE): Mei Wang
Student Services - Job Placement: Shortel Brent

Instructional Leadership

LSC-CyFair, Dean: Kim Hubbard
LSC-CyFair, Dean: Kelly Gernhart
LSC-Kingwood, Dean: Jim Stubbs
LSC-Kingwood, Dean: Lisa Bryant
LSC-Montgomery, Dean: Mike Krall
LSC-Montgomery, Dean: Dana Morales
LSC-North Harris, Dean: Kendall Lawrence
LSC-North Harris, Dean: Daria Willis
LSC-Tomball, Dean: Cindy Casparis
LSC-Tomball, Dean: Jill Riethmayer
LSC-University Park, Dean: Mark Curtis-Chavez
Non-Credit, Executive Director, CTE/CE Operations: Robin Garrett
Non-Credit, Director, Workforce: Michael Burns
OAA, Dean: John Galiatos

LSC-CyFair Faculty

Business Management & Leadership: Ellen Junious
Computer Technology: Donna Ivey
Health Science Professions: Ulanda Simpson
Service Professions: Mike Naglieri
Manufacturing & Industrial Professions: Michael Young

LSC-Kingwood Faculty

Business Management & Leadership: Linda Holcomb
Computer Technology: Lisa Hall
Health Science Professions: Kenny McCowen
Service Professions: Marilyn Magnant
Manufacturing & Industrial Professions: None

LSC-Montgomery Faculty

Business Management & Leadership: Marybeth Kardatzke
Computer Technology: Carolyn Poe
Health Science Professions: Renee Pruitt
Service Professions: Glen Killian
Manufacturing & Industrial Professions: Becky Duncan-Ramirez

LSC-North Harris Faculty

Business Management & Leadership: Rami Shafiee
Computer Technology: None
Health Science Professions: Linda Davis
Service Professions: James Kieke
Manufacturing & Industrial Professions: Alberto Urbina
Student Services: Gerold Irons and Cliff Johnson

LSC-Tomball Faculty

Business Management & Leadership: John Burns
Computer Technology: Lindell Chapman
Health Science Professions: Tom Lescarbeau
Service Professions: None
Manufacturing & Industrial Professions: Tony Bom

LSC-University Park Faculty

Business Management & Leadership: Gina Sprowl
Computer Technology: Alan Gandy
Health Science Professions: None
Service Professions: Lloyd Dragoo
Manufacturing & Industrial Professions: TBD

Workforce Development Research Resources

Links to job profiles, employment statistics, social and educational characteristics, and more!