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Dr. Ryan Chabarria, Dean

Dr. Ryan Chabarria

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Fiona B. Campbell, Program Director/Department Chair

Fiona CampbellFiona B. Campbell, program director and department chair, has worked at Lone Star College-Kingwood since 2007.  She has been a respiratory therapist since 1999 and has taught Respiratory Care in some capacity as a clinical instructor or hospital preceptor since 2002, until she joined LSC- Kingwood. In 2010, she became the program’s director of clinical education and served for seven years prior to becoming program director.

Campbell earned a respiratory care certificate from Houston Community College and an Associate of Applied Science degree in Respiratory Care from Alvin Community College. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in clinical services management and Master of Science in clinical practice management from Texas Tech University-Health Sciences Center, School of Allied Health.  She completed her Doctorate in Education with a concentration in Higher Education Administration from Northeastern University in 2017. Credentials earned from the National Board for Respiratory Care includes certified Respiratory Therapist, Registered Respiratory Therapist and Neonatal-Pediatric Specialist.  Her career highlights and interests include serving as a member of the Texas Children’s Hospital Kangaroo Crew – Transport Team, Labor and Delivery team member, and Neonatal ICU preceptor.

"I teach respiratory care because the profession has enabled me to impact patients' health and well-being in ways I could not have imagined. To be able to take skills and knowledge learned and see the results of my efforts in the patients I cared for gives me a great sense of accomplishment," she said.

Campbell's campus affiliations are with the American Lung Association, American Association for Respiratory Care, Texas Society for Respiratory Care, American Academy of Pediatrics-Neonatal Resuscitation Program Instructor, and the American Heart Association-instructor for Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers.

"I have come to realize that I not only impact patients with the skills that I use as a therapist, but through teaching, I touch patients exponentially through my students learning what I have in the profession. LSC-Kingwood has allowed me the privilege of teaching future respiratory therapists in an effective and creative manner," she said.

Email: Fiona.B.Campbell@lonestar.edu
Phone: 281.312.1599
Office: HPC 134D
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Melissa Dearing, Faculty

Melissa DrearingMelissa Dearing is the Director of Clinical Education. She has taught Respiratory Care at LSC-Kingwood since 2006.

"I teach Respiratory Care because I truly love to care for people. It was difficult for me to leave the hospital setting to teach because I knew that I would really miss my patients," she said. "I have made peace with my decision, because I know I have an impact on many future patients by teaching students how to lovingly and effectively care for them."

Dearing graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Midwestern State University and a Master of Science degree from Texas Tech University Health Science Center.

"LSC-Kingwood is a wonderful place to work. Although my students come from a variety of economic and cultural backgrounds, they have a common interest in learning about the subject matter, forming close bonds with one another, and growing to become true professionals that represent our college in the workforce," Dearing said. "In addition, the administration at LSC-Kingwood are true professionals who stand strong when leading our various programs to success and when lending a shoulder to employees when needed. Our campus is truly a close knit family."

Email: Melissa.D.Dearing@lonestar.edu
Phone: 281.312.1539
Office: SIB 100I
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Gary Wynne, Faculty

Gary WynneGary Wynne, respiratory therapy associate professor, has been at Lone Star College-Kingwood for two years. His professional awards include Registered Respiratory Therapy, Neonatal Pediatric Specialist and Certified Pulmonary Function Technologist.

"I enjoy sharing my 20 years of experience in critical care with my students as I watch them learn and grow," he said. "Since I began at LSCS-Kingwood I have had support from administration and colleagues alike."

Wynne earned an Associate of Applied Science degree from California College for Health Science, and a Bachelor of Business Management and Master of Business Administration from LeTourneau University.

Email: Gary.Wynne@lonestar.edu
Phone: 281.943.6849
Office: SIB 202D
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Amanda Borrink, Faculty

Amanda BorrinkAmanda Borrink, respiratory therapy associate professor, joined Lone Star College-Kingwood in 2015. Borrink earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Respiratory Care from Nebraska Methodist College. In 2017, she earned her master’s degree in Healthcare Administration from Texas Tech University.

“I have worked in all aspects of respiratory care so I am able to provide that knowledge to the students. At LSC-Kingwood, I am able to work with students not only on the academic level, but in clinical rotations as well. I enjoy watching them grow from students into great respiratory therapists.”

Borrink’s professional awards include Registered Respiratory Therapist and Certified Pulmonary Function Technologist. She is an active member in the American Association of Respiratory Care and Texas Society of Respiratory Care.

Email: Amanda.R.Borrink@lonestar.edu
Phone: 281.312.1635
Office: SIB 100K

Joseph (Dustin) Lowery, Faculty

Joseph (Dustin) LoweryDustin Lowery, is an A.A.S. graduate of the LSC-Kingwood program. He is a practicting respiratory therapist at CHI St. Luke's and clinical instructor for the program. He enjoys working alongside nurses and doctors applying his knowledge of respiratory theraoy to help achieve better patient outcomes.

"This has taught me the importance of teamwork and that education never stops. We are constantly teaching each other and our patients on best care practices."

Email: Joseph.D.Lowery@lonestar.edu
Phone: 281.312.1638
Office: SIB 100O

Richard Hernandez, Faculty

Richard HernandezRichard Hernandez started at Lone Star College-Kingwood in 2021 and is an associate professor of Respiratory Care. He also serves as the faculty representative of the Respiratory Student Club.

“I am passionate about the role that respiratory care practitioners play in today’s healthcare environment. Preparing students to care for patients with skill and compassion motivates me each day. Respiratory Care continues to be an amazing career for me, and I am excited to be able to help prepare the next generation of respiratory care practitioners.”

Hernandez has more than 14 years of leadership experience in the Respiratory Care profession. Before LSC-Kingwood, he served as vice-president of the Texas Society of Respiratory Care (TSRC) and the TSRC’s liaison to the Texas Medical Board.

“I will use my experiences to educate students on a wide array of real-world examples demonstrating how our profession makes such a major impact in promoting the health and safety of our patients.”

Hernandez graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Respiratory Care from Independence University and a Master of Science degree in Health Professions from the University of Texas Medical Branch.  

Email: richard.hernandez@lonestar.edu
Phone: 281.312.1595
Office: SIB 100Q

Sara Hightower, Faculty

Sara HightowerSara Hightower is a full-time respiratory care faculty instructor at Lone Star College-Kingwood. She has taught clinicals in the hospital setting for respiratory students since 2013. Hightower has been a respiratory therapist for 12 years, mostly specializing in neonatal and pediatric care.

“As a full-time employee and student, I understand how students try to balance life, work, and school. The LSC-Kingwood respiratory care program offers day and evening classes to help students successfully further their education,” she said. “My favorite part of teaching at LSC-Kingwood is seeing students learn skills in the classroom and then applying that knowledge in a clinical setting.”

Hightower earned an Associate of Applied Science degree in Respiratory Care from Alvin Community College. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Respiratory Care from Midwestern State University.

Email: sara.s.hightower@lonestar.edu
Phone: 281.312.1671
Office: SIB 100M


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