Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Respiratory Therapist do?

The Respiratory Care program prepares graduates to be competent in the delivery of therapeutic procedures in acute care settings, in performing diagnostic procedures and in performing rehabilitation therapeutic procedures. The program also prepares graduates to assist physicians in the diagnosis of cardiopulmonary disorders, providing emergency cardiopulmonary care in the emergency room and implementing therapist driven protocols in the practice of Respiratory Care.

How long is the program?

The Respiratory Care program is a 2-year Associate of Applied Science Degree program. The course of study for the Respiratory Therapist program is comprised of six semesters including the summer months.

Is the program full-time and are any courses offered at night or weekend?

Yes, the program is considered full-time.

The DAY (Summer Entry) program is Monday – Friday, typically 8am – 5pm.

The EVENING (Spring Entry) Program is Monday – Friday, typically 5pm-10pm.

Clinical rotations for both day or evening cohorts are 8, 10 or 12 hour shifts; hours will vary.

When does the program begin and what is the application period?

The Respiratory Care program accepts new students in the Spring and in the Summer of every year. The application periods are as follows:

  • Spring entry is open from First business day in June to last business day in August
  • Summer entry is open from First business day in November to the Last business day in January.

The Required HSRT (Health Science Reasoning Test) will only be open during designated application periods.

What are the pre-requisites?

A letter grade of "C (2.0 GPA)" is required for the following courses:

ENGL 1301 (Comp & Rhetoric), BIOL 2401 (Anatomy & Physiology I), and PSYC 2301 (General Psychology)

With a cumulative GPA of a letter grade "C" or (2.0 GPA)

**Please note: The program only accepts credit from another accredited higher learning institution if they use the same requirements for admission as Lone Star College.

What is the approximate cost of the program?

The estimated cost for the 2-year program is approximately $6,000 to $9000. This includes books, tuition, lab fees, and other supplies. The range in cost depends on whether the student is an in-district or out-of-district resident. Please see the link online under Program Costs for details.

How do I apply?

If you are not currently a Lonestar College Student you must first apply to the college and submit all of your transcripts so that they are on file already and evaluated. See explanation and admissions process.  http://www.lonestar.edu/transfer-into-lsc.htm.

Applicant must complete the Health Science Reasoning Test (HSRT) before application will be considered, please make note of the HSRT available dates. The test may be taken at the following location: Kingwood. Please note that you must be there 2 hours before closing for any computer test. 

Applications must be submitted by the application period deadline.

Do I need to complete immunizations or CPR to apply?

No, Applicants who are accepted into the program will be notified of when the immunizations and CPR courses need to be taken.  Please see the Pre-Admission requirements online under the Additional Respiratory Care Requirements link.

Background Checks

**Area facilities are now requiring all health care students to have a background check and possibly a drug screen prior to clinical rotations. Students cannot begin or continue their studies until the background check process is satisfactorily cleared. The student is responsible for working with the background check company to clear up any reporting discrepancies prior to enrolling in the program.

What if there is a problem with my background check?

The applicant must contact the Texas Medical Board of Respiratory Care Certification to determine your licensure eligibility. A letter from them is required when you apply to the program.

  • Customer Service Phone: (512) 305-7030 (Outside Texas)
  • Customer Service Phone: (800) 248-4062 (Texas only)
  • Customer Service E-mail: verifcic@tmb.state.tx.us

How many students apply each year and how many get accepted?

The RSPT program is a highly competitive program. Admission is limited to 24 students.
The selection process consists of applicants being ranked & selected by the RSPT Admissions Committee based on the following criteria: Scoring of all academic courses on applicants transcripts (see attached score sheet for details), Completion of previous degrees, HSRT score and Applicants Essay explaining why they would like to become a Respiratory Therapist.

How much money do graduates of the program make?

The Respiratory Therapist program prepares graduates for the Credentialing Examinations from the NBRC (National Board for Respiratory Care). The program is fully accredited by the CoARC (Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care). Areas for employment of Respiratory Care professionals include: acute care hospitals, sub-acute care hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals, hyperbaric medicine, home-care facilities and physician offices. Graduates earn based on the national median salaries ranging from $62,291 with an average wage of $30.00/hr. The median salary for a registered respiratory therapist in the Houston area is $62,665.00.

**Please visit our website www.lonestar.edu and select Kingwood College at the top of the page, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Respiratory Care for more detailed information.

If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to contact the Respiratory Care Department, 281-312-1708 or email: KC-RespiratoryCare@lonestar.edu

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