Homeschool Students

Homeschool students who are interested in participating in the dual credit program should bring a copy of their high school transcript to meet with an academic advisor at your respective LSC college campus.

Homeschool Dual Credit Information Session

Please contact an advisor at your respective LSC College Campus for upcoming information sessions.

Homeschool Dual Credit Agreement

Follow the steps below to complete the process of transitioning from a homeschool student to an LSC dual credit student.

  • Read and sign the Dual Credit Partnership Agreement
  • Develop & bring an updated and signed high school transcript as well as a graduation plan.
    • A  template for both documents can be found in the Dual Credit Partnership Agreement
    • A typed High school transcript must be submitted at the time of registration for course(s) each semester.
    • NOTE: For a course to be considered dual credit, it must be reflected on their graduation plans and must be a 3 or more credit hour college course.  See dual credit courses for more course eligibility information. 

Once you have read and signed the Dual Credit partnership agreement, you may proceed with the Enrollment and Registration Process.

Homeschool Dual Credit Enrollment & Registration Process

Step 1: Admissions: First Time Dual Credit Student

Step 2: Testing

  • Receive your testing ticket from Advising.
  • The Testing fee is waived for Dual Credit students taking the TSIA2 Assessment for the first time.
    • Retesting is $10 per section of the test
  • Placement tests are given in the Testing Centers at each campus. See Assessment Center location and hours.
  • Meet with your LSC Dual Credit Advisor to review your test scores.

Step 3: Registering for Classes

  • Homeschool students make take Dual Credit courses that are within the Lone Star College core curriculum, CTE/Workforce courses or foreign language.  
  • Complete and return the Consent and Waiver for Dual Credit/Exceptional Admission Students Age 17 or Younger Form to your LSC Dual Credit Advisor.
    • This form requires signatures of: student, parent, and high school principal/designee (often the parent) (please have classes added to the student's 'shopping cart' via MyLoneStar student portal).
    • Your LSC Dual Credit Advisor will register you for classes.

Step 4: Pay your Tuition & Books

  •  You are responsible for the tuition and books portion of your Dual Credit course(s). 
    • NOTE: For 'College Credit Only' course(s), i.e. PHED 1164, DRAM 1351, MUEN 1127, etc., the student is responsible for the cost of full tuition, fees & books. Tuition & Fee Schedule
  • Visit the Bursar/Cashier's Office to request your Dual Credit tuition waiver and pay your fees.

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