Course Offerings


Traditional, face-to-face course offerings are different at each LSC campus and vary by semester.  Current courses are listed by campus below.  Please see your high school counselor for additional information.  You may also review the syllabus for any college course by visiting our Syllabus Search

LSC-CyFair  |  LSC-Kingwood  |  LSC-Montgomery  |  LSC-North Harris  |  LSC-Tomball LSC-University Park


Hybrid courses include a combination of instructional methods where a student completes a fully online dual credit course in a traditional lab environment made available by a participating school district.  Any online dual credit course is additionally available to be offered as a hybrid course. 

Fully Online Courses

 ENGL 1301

 ENGL 2322 

 ENGL 1302 

 ENGL 2323 

 GOVT 2305

 MATH 1314

 ECON 2301 

 MATH 1316

 HIST 1301

 MATH 2412

 HIST 1302

 PSYC 2301

Note: Determination that a college course meets the high school TEKS/learning outcomes for a particular high school course is the responsibility of the school district or private/charter/home school.  The Lone Star College does not identify courses as meeting any particular TEA requirements for high school graduation.  Lone Star College-Online has designed online dual credit courses to the meet the TEKS, but additional outcomes required by any school/district will need to be supplemented by that school/district.  All decisions regarding a student's high school graduation plan should be determined by their school counselor/administrator.

For additional information, please view our current list of school districts with dual credit agreements with LSC.