LSC-Tomball SFAC

Notice of Meeting

The Student Fee Advisory Committee will meet on Friday, May 14, 2021 via WebEx. If you wish to participate in the public comment period or would like a recording of the meeting, requests may be sent to

Meeting Agendas

Meeting Minutes

2020-2021 LSC-Tomball SFAC Membership List


  • Julie Miller (2020-2021) Student Member
  • Cristian Valencia (2020-2021) Student Member 
  • Ariana Torres (2020-2022) Student Member 
  • Roberto Morales Quintero (2020-2022) Student Member
  • Lee Ann Ridgley (2020-2022) Student Member


The chair and vice chair of the committee will be selected in May 2021. 

  • Richard Becker (2019-2022) Faculty/Staff Member
  • Mindy Coleman (2019-2022) Faculty/Staff Member
  • David Birch (2019-2022) Faculty/Staff Member
  • Emmitt Carter (2019-2022) Staff Member

Annual Student Activity Fee Budgets:


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