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LSC-Tomball SFAC

Notice of Meeting

The LSC-Tomball Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC) will meet on Friday, May 14, 2021.

Meeting Agendas

Meeting Minutes

2019-2020 LSC-Tomball SFAC Membership List


  • Richard Becker (2019-2022) Faculty/Staff Member, Chair
  • Mindy Coleman (2019-2022) Faculty/Staff Member, Vice Chair 
  • David Birch (2019-2022) Faculty/Staff Member
  • Emmitt Carter (2019-2022) Staff Member


  • Morgan Wilson (2019-2021) Student Member    
  • Gregory Adams (2019-2021) Student Member 
  • Emley Rosa (2019-2021) Student Member 
  • Jarek Eaton (2019-2020) Student Member
  • Julie Miller (2020-2022) Student Member

Annual Student Activity Fee Budgets:

Annual Student Life Reports:


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