TASFA/Senate Bill 1528

If you are not a US citizen or a legal permanent resident, you are not eligible to apply for Federal student aid (FAFSA form). You may be eligible to receive state financial aid by completing the Texas Application for State Financial Aid (TASFA).  The TASFA application is now available online!  Click here to access the e-TASFA form. 

To be eligible to apply for state financial aid, you must:

  • Have received a High School Diploma or its equivalent in the State of Texas
  • Have lived in Texas for the last three years of high school
  • Have lived in Texas for 12 months before enrolling at Lone Star College
  • Have legal Texas residency
  • Be enrolled currently in at least six credit hours
  • Have maintained Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • MALES ONLY: You must be either registered with, or exempt from the US Military Selective Service

You must submit a 36 Month Provision Affidavit to the Lone Star College Office of Admissions along with an official High School Transcript or its equivalent in the state of Texas.

Steps for State Applicants:

  1. File your taxes
  2. Register with the Selective Service (males only)
  3. Complete TASFA form
  4. Complete your file (if additional documentation is required)
  5. Check status and review awards

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