Institutional Effectiveness

Committee Charge

To guide the institutional effectiveness and strategic planning processes for LSC-Tomball.

2023-2024 Initiatives

Sense of Community & Belonging

Create a sense of belonging by:

  1. Cultivating meaningful relationships with our students.
  2. Become a more knowledgeable staff.
  3. Connecting students with institutional partners within the Tomball Community.

Faculty Accessibility & Engagement

Become more accessible and engaging by:

  1. Creating a positive classroom atmosphere.
  2. Being more responsive to our students and colleagues.
  3. Provide more engaging and relatable instruction.

Campus Support & Resources

Provide campus support and resources by:

  1. Providing consistent processes and information.
  2. Providing good customer service.
  3. Providing useful mental health and basic needs resources.

Facilities & Infrastructure

Improve facilities and infrastructure by:

  1. Find ways to modernize LSC-Tomball campus.
  2. Find ways to create more study spaces for our students.
  3. Find ways to create more social spaces for our students.

Institutional Effectiveness Team

  • Kentrie LeDee
  • Katerina Wingfield

Strategic Planning and Assessment (SPA) Online Tools and Resources

ACE Guides

ACE Accomplishments

2019-2020 ACE Accomplishments on Biteable
2018-2019 ACE Accomplishments on Biteable
2017-2018 ACE Accomplishments on Biteable

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