Welcome to the Lone Star College System's Institutional Effectiveness (IE) Website!

Institutional Effectiveness refers to "the systematic, explicit, and documented process of measuring performance against mission in all aspects of an institution." (SACS/COC Resource Manual)     
At Lone Star College System (LSCS), the IE assessment consists of the assessment of both operational effectiveness and learning effectiveness. To assess the operational effectiveness, all LSCS units are engaged in the Unit Effectiveness Process (UEP), which is an annual cycle that involves developing the Unit Effectiveness Plans (UEP), implementing the plans, and collecting data to gauge the extent to which the expected outcomes are achieved, and then using the assessment results for continuous improvement.      
To assess learning effectiveness, all LSCS educational programs assess student learning outcomes (SLO) at both the course level and the program level. See more about SLO assessment at the SLO website.  
      The UEP graph and current timeline are presented below:


Director of Institutional Effectiveness:

Jinhao Wang - 832-813-6255 - jinhao.wang@lonestar.edu

Compliance Assist Coordinator:

Priscilla Martin - 832-813-6749 - priscilla.a.martin@lonestar.edu