Academic Fresh Start Program

Academic Fresh Start is a program designed to give Texas residents an opportunity to enroll in college courses, without previous poor academic performance negatively impacting current enrollment, GPA, or academic standing.

Under the provisions of the Texas Education Code, Section 51.931, a Texas resident is entitled to apply for admission or re-admission to LSC, or to any specialized admission program at LSC, and elect to have all academic coursework earned 10 or more years prior to the requested enrollment date ignored for enrollment purposes.

The applicant must complete the Academic Fresh Start agreement with the college admissions office prior to registration, confirming the decision to enroll under the academic fresh start statute. An applicant who decides to apply under this statute may not receive any course credit for courses taken at any college or university 10 or more years prior to enrollment.

An applicant who chooses to exercise the provisions of the Academic Fresh Start Program must meet all LSC admission or re-admission requirements and must submit official transcripts from all colleges or universities attended prior to the Academic Fresh Start being granted. The courses excluded under this provision may not be counted toward a degree, may not be counted in the GPA calculations or academic standing, and may not be used to meet prerequisite requirements.

The Academic Fresh Start Program does not apply to the Standards of Academic Progress for financial aid applicants. Therefore, the student may not qualify for financial aid based on prior academic performance.

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