Special Admission

High School Graduates Age 16 and Younger

Students who are age 16 and younger AND have graduated from high school may be eligible for Special Admission to Lone Star College. Applicants who are admitted under the Special Admission process can enroll in college courses at an LSC campus or online.  In addition to the regular admission process, students age 16 and younger must:

  • Show proof of education indicating graduation from public high school or completion of secondary education according to the same general standards as those students who have graduated from public high school.
  • Once admitted, meet with LSC personnel prior to registering each semester
  • If 15 and younger, see below. 

Students Age 17 and Younger

All students age 17 and younger are required to provide parental consent to enroll at Lone Star College.  This includes anyone requesting Special Admission.

Students Age 15 and Younger

In addition to providing parental consent (see above), students age 15 or younger must have a parent or legal guardian on site with the student at all times while at an LSC location to monitor the student's activities outside of class and to be immediately available in case of an emergency. Failure to do so will cause the student to be removed from each enrolled class.  See the Minors on College Premises Board Policy (II.D.2.) for more information.  

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