LSC-Tomball Criminal Justice Department

The criminal justice program is designed for individuals interested in the fields of law enforcement, corrections, parole, probation, social work, law or private security.

Criminal justice is a program that examines the causes, processes and procedures of a social system designed to deal with individuals who violate the laws of an ever-changing society. Criminal justice also examines the role of police, courts, corrections, probation/parole and juvenile justice as they interact with society and with each other.

What can I do with this degree?

The associate of arts in criminal justice at LSC-Tomball opens the door to many exciting careers in law enforcement and policing, as well as transfer opportunities to four-year colleges and universities. Most agencies are headed toward a minimum of two-year degree entry requirement and many agencies require a four-year degree. The degree is also an excellent beginning for those interested in a career in the legal field as an attorney or paralegal.

Typical Job Titles

A wide variety of career opportunities are available to graduates. These include:

  • Deputy Sheriff
  • Deputy Constable
  • Municipal Police Officer
  • Court Bailiff
  • Correctional Officer
  • Security Officer
  • State Police Officer

How is the job market?

Criminal justice is a growth industry and the job potential appears very stable. Earning potential varies from job to job, county to county and state to state. Currently, law enforcement positions are starting around $40,000 per year. Median correctional and jail officer salaries are around $3,000 per month.

How can I get started?

Apply online to LSC-Tomball: http://lonestar.edu/admissions-application.htm.

You can also contact the department for futher information: 281.357.3734.

Are scholarships and financial aid available?

LSC-Tomball wants to do what we can to help all students afford college. For more information about financial aid opportunities, please visit the links below:

Attention Veterans: LSCS offers many resources to veterans seeking to further their education. Criminal justice is a terrific field to consider! Visit our Veterans Affairs department online and learn the steps necessary to take advantage of these resources.

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