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LSC-CyFair Student Outreach & Recruitment

Virtual College 101 Weekly Schedule For Enrollment EventsWelcome to LSC-CyFair!

You can email us at CF-Outreach@LoneStar.edu or text us at 281.969.3949 to ask any question!
Campus Tours • Community Outreach • High School Outreach • Business Outreach

Fall 2020 Late Start Registration is here!

The best place to start for incoming college students is New Student Orientation! Once you've completed that, Click Here if you are ready to get started on your college journey and we will partner with you, as you achieve your goals! 

 RSVP for an Upcoming Virtual College101 CLICK HERE Request 1-on-1 Registration Help CLICK HERE 

Virtual College 101: You're Invited!

Live Sessions - JOIN HERE:

  • Orientation 101: This is the best way to get your New Student Orientation credit which is required before meeting with Advisors and registering for classes! Upcoming Dates: 9/25, 9/28, 9/30, 10/3, 10/5, 10/7
  • Admissions 101: Our Outreach Enrollment Lead, Melissa Guajardo, will present the ins and outs of the Admissions process from the application all the way to New Student Orientation! Any Lone Star College Applicant will benefit from this! Upcoming Dates: 10/1, 10/8, 10/15, 10/22 & 10/29 
  • Library Resources 101: Come learn about the amazing Library here at LSC-CyFair where students can get professional research help, library help & more! Upcoming Dates: 10/9 & 10/23 
  • Honors College 101: Learn how to get access to special classes, Ivy-League and Major University transfer opportunities, and more as an Honors student! Upcoming Dates: 10/20 & 10/27
  • Student Success Institute 101: Come learn about the Student Success Institute which is a student group that connects students to mentorship and opportunities! Upcoming Date: 10/12 
  • Financial-Aid 101: Our Financial-Aid Advisor Alberto Cuevas is partnering with us to provide you up-to-date important Financial-Aid information that could potentially save you thousands in tuition and expenses! Apply today at www.FAFSA.govUpcoming Dates: 9/15 & 9/29
  • Campus Life 101: Our phenomenal Student Ambassadors will lead this session and show you what it's like to be a student at LSC-CyFair! Upcoming Dates: October 2020
  • Gap-Year 101: This might be the best time to consider taking a gap year from a 4-year university and staying on graduation track with Lone Star classes.... Come find out how! Upcoming Dates: October 2020

On-Demand Sessions - CLICK BELOW:

Flyer for On-Demand Access to College 101 Session: Disability ServicesFlyer for On-Demand Access to College 101 Session: Next StepsFlyer for On-Demand Access to College 101 Session: PaymentFlyer for On-Demand Access to College 101 Session: RegistrationFlyer for On-Demand Access to College 101 Session: ParentsFlyer for On-Demand Access to College 101 Session: Sobre LSCFlyer for On-Demand Access to College 101 Session: TestingFlyer for On-Demand Access to College 101 Session: Work-ForceFlyer for On-Demand Access to College 101 Session: Work-Force
“College 101 features topical interactive virtual sessions for future LSC-CyFair students who want to know more about college life and the admissions process, connect with college staff, and learn alongside other future Lone Star College students!”

Get Started Here!

1. Complete a Lone Star College Admission Application

2. Satisfy the requirement for Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination
    • Update: Waived until August 19th due to COVID-19

3. Get College Placement (if required*)

4. Complete New Student Orientation

5. Enroll yourself using our Registration Blueprint or schedule a 1-on-1 Enrollment Appointment

New Student Checklist for First Time in College Students - Call 281.290.3200 for help

Let's Do It Together!

The LSC-CyFair Outreach and Recruitment team is passionate about partnering with students in the pursuit of realizing their educational, career, and life goals utilizing 3 areas of our Outreach team.Student Help Text Line 281.969.3949

  1. Our College Connections Advisors engage local area ISD students, from elementary grades through high school graduation, as well as non-traditional students in understanding the admission process through presentations, college campus visits and tours, advising on local school campuses, and participation in local college fairs and community events.
  2. Our Orientation Team maintains our most vital new student program: New Student Orientation. If you've applied and are ready to begin your college journey, our Orientation team will get you started! 
  3. Our Student Ambassadors are current Lone Star College-CyFair students who are leaders for their peers and create amazing connections between our current students and Future Falcons!

Virtual Campus Events

Click Here for more information about upcoming virtual campus events and programs for prospective students even during the COVID-19 campus closures!


Lone Star College-CyFair Office of Student Outreach and Recruitment has a passion for serving our community by creating access and support to all prospective and current students. We strive to empower them to become successful college students through a variety of resources, activities, and support. By reaching into the community we are creating a partnership that will provide future generations the skills necessary to excel.



Make LSC part of your story.