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Dental Hygiene-BS TWU-Dual Enrollment Program

Texas Woman’s University partnered with Lone Star College-Kingwood in April 2015 to create an opportunity for students accepted into the LSC-Kingwood Dental Hygiene Program. Dual enrollment means that students will be taking courses from both institutions in a melded curriculum. The goal is to allow students’ the opportunity to complete a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene degree, while simultaneously completing the Associate of Science in Dental Hygiene degree at the Lone Star College-Kingwood Dental Hygiene Program.

If a student wants to pursue a BS degree in Dental Hygiene while attending Lone Star College-Kingwood the opportunity is available; however, the student MUST BE ACCEPTED into the LSC-Kingwood Dental Hygiene Program.

The dual enrollment program is not for everyone. The dual enrollment program with Texas Woman’s University is online and requires a student to be enrolled in 14-16 hours a semester. This is the same number of hours a BS degree program requires of all students. The courses are taught via distance education. Depending on the course, it may be taught totally online, or by interactive video conferencing between the two sites. The courses are blended together with the dental hygiene courses offered at the AAS site. With that being said, the program is a full-time commitment, about the same as a full-time job. It is recommended that you consider not working, if at all possible, and commit all efforts to your dental hygiene education.

Please visit the LSC-Kingwood and TWU website, which provides great information on taking online/distance courses and provides students information on what it takes to be successful in an online course. This website also provides an online assessment, SmarterMeasure, to help you determine if you can be successful in the online learning environment.

?American Dental Hygienists' Association?

We hope that you will consider this opportunity to advance your degree, thus broadening your potential as a professional dental hygienist. If you want to learn more about the roles offered in dental hygiene please visit the American Dental Hygienists’ Association website.

The following articulation guide provides the student necessary courses taken prior to starting the BS degree with Texas Woman’s University.

This curriculum is designed for students accepted in the Dental Hygiene Program at Lone Star College-Kingwood in pursuit of an Associate of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene who wish to simultaneously pursue a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene from Texas Woman’s University. These courses have been designed to blend with and enhance the LSC AAS-DH curriculum and allow decreased time necessary to the BSDH degree.

Additional Information: 

•       Total of 120 hours

•       Up to 90 hours transferred from LSC-K

•       30 hours must be completed at TWU

•       Must be core complete from either LSC or TWU (can use TWU courses to complete core curriculum as long as not a course needed for the AAS at LSC-K)

Degree Plan: BS Dual Program

Before entering the TWU program:


*ENGL 1302 Composition II

*Math 1342 Statistics

*GOVT 2305 US Government

Before entering into the Dual/LSC-K program * courses must be taken.

TWU Dual Degree Program Curriculum?

•       DH 3843 POC for Early Entry RDH to BSDH – 3 hrs.

•       DH4533 Oral Health Worldview – 3 hrs.

•       DH 4713 Applied Dental Hygiene Research – 3 hrs.

•       DH 4833 Professional Development for the RDH – 3 hrs.

•       HS 3133 Perspective on Women’s Health – 3 hrs.(other options available if core complete   elsewhere)

•       DH 4823 DH Clinical Case Study Development – 3 hrs.

•       DH 4513 Alternative Dental Hygiene Practice – 3 hrs.

•       Required Component Area Option – 3 hrs.

•       Electives to completed 30 hours and/or core



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