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The Lone Star College-University Park Geology Department explores the theory of geologic processes that shape the Earth and all its landforms. Geology students gain a greater appreciation of the Earth through the study of the physical forces that shape the Earth, the history of the Earth through the study of environments, the development of life, and the succession of geological events.

Are you a current LSC-University Park student? Check out our Geology Student Resources page to see what opportunities exist for you!

A Photo Collage of Geology Students Learning at LSC-University Park CampusAre you a prospective LSC-University Park Geology student? Our three-story geology rock wall makes our classes highly interactive and engaging. The department also has two Augmented Reality Sandboxes and a Stream Table. A 30-boulder Rock Garden spread across the campus has been added so that students get to go outside and map like actual geologists. As of Spring 2021, a stream gauge and weather station have been added for students to learn about reading and interpreting live data.

Our Geology Classes

Courses include Physical Geology (GEOL1403), Historical Geology (GEOL1404), Environmental Geology (GEOL1405), Oceanography (GEOL1445), and Meteorology (GEOL1447). These courses are suitable for geology majors and non-majors. Courses (except Historical Geology) can be taken in any order. These courses are offered both online and in-person. They are acceptable for associate degree programs and are transferable to four-year institutions to fulfill science requirements.

Are you curious about our Geology courses but are not sure which one is right for you? Watch the short videos below to learn about a specific course. Don't let the course numbers fool you. You can take GEOL1405 (Environmental Geology), GEOL 1445 (Oceanography) or GEOL1447 (Meteorology) without taking GEOL1403 (Physical Geology) or GEOL1404 (Historical Geology).



All of these classes include a lab. For most of the online courses, the labs are completed within D2L and are based on maps and data (both image-based data and numerical data). No lab materials are required for purchase.

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Our Geology Faculty

Experienced, highly-qualified faculty provide Geology instruction in 100% online and face-to-face formats.

Picture of Dr. Bryn BenfordBryn Benford, Ph.D. - Teaches Physical Geology in face-to-face, hybrid, 100% online, and Honors formats. She also teaches Environmental Geology and rarely Historical Geology. Dr. Benford's doctorate work was on tectonics in conjunction with applied geophysics. Dr. Benford currently serves as the Department Chair of Chemistry, Engineering, Geology, and Physics.
Phone: 281.655.3785
Office: CSI 220
Email: Bryn.Benford@LoneStar.edu

Cindy Bergeron, Ph.D. - Teaches Physical Geology face-to-face and 100% online and Meteorology 100% online. Dr. Bergeron's research interests are in salt tectonics. She formerly worked for Anadarko.

Aimee Bichler, Ph.D. - Teaches Physical Geology face-to-face and online. She formally worked at Hess and BP. Her graduate research focused on paleoclimatology and paleoceanography.?

Jennifer Campo, M.S. - Teaches Physical Geology both in-person and online and Oceanography online. Ms. Campo worked previously at Halliburton. Her M.S. research focused on Antarctic glacial geomorphology.

Sahara "Skye" Ibarra, M.S. - Teaches Physical Geology in face-to-face and 100% online formats.. She also teaches Oceanography and Environmental Geology 100% online. Mrs. Ibarra attended Stephen F. Austin University for her Master's, and she is an active member in the Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists.

Karastin Katusin, M.S. - Teaches Environmental Geology in-person and 100% online and Physical Geology online. Ms. Katusin works full-time as a Harris County Environmental Educator. Her masters research focused on paleomagnetism and large scale plate reconstructions.

Christopher White, Ph.D. - Teaches Physical Geology (GEOL1403) in a face-to-face format and 100% online and Historical Geology in both face-to-face, hybrid, and online formats. Dr. White's research focuses on Economic Geology.

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