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The Geology Department at LSC-Montgomery provides a diverse range of courses, including Physical Geology, Historical Geology, Environmental Geology, Earth Science, and Oceanography. Tailored for both geology majors and non-majors, these courses are transferable and offer a comprehensive study of geological principles

The study of geology at LSC-Montgomery encompasses the exploration of Earth's dynamic processes, history, and environmental interactions. Through courses in physical geology, historical geology, and environmental geology, students gain insights into the formation of landscapes, the evolution of Earth over time, and the impact of human activities on the environment. Geology provides a foundation for understanding natural resources, climate change, and geological hazards. College students engaging in the study of geology not only acquire essential scientific knowledge but also develop critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and a deep appreciation for the interconnectedness of Earth systems.

This interdisciplinary field fosters a holistic understanding of our planet and prepares students for careers in geology can include working for mining companies, oil companies, engineering firms, governmental agencies (like the United States Geological Survey, EPA, or Texas Commission on Environmental Quality), or in research and education.

About Courses

The geology department offers courses in physical geology, historical geology, and environmental geology. These courses are suitable for transfer and appropriate for geology majors and non-majors..

  • Earth Science I: An introduction to geology, oceanography, meteorology, and astronomy
  • Earth Science II: An introduction to natural hazards and natural resources
  • Physical Geology: Designed to learn "how the Earth works, such as what the Earth is made of and how it behaves. Students learn how to identify rocks and minerals, what causes volcanoes to erupt, what natural resources are needed to build a house, and more.
  • Historical Geology: A class about Earth's fascinating history. Students will learn how to make observations of rocks and fossils in understanding past events that have shaped the planet, like sea level rise and fall, mass extinctions, climate changes, mountains forming, etc., as well as examine fossils.
  • Environmental Geology: This class looks at how people and the planet interact with each other, including natural hazards and human induced issues such as air and water pollution.
  • Oceanography: Students in this class study all aspects of the ocean, including physical characteristics, life in the oceans, ocean hazards, pollution, and how the ocean, atmosphere, and land interact.

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