METRO Pilot Program with LSC-Houston North Fallbrook

Lone Star College-Houston North is thrilled to announce that starting January 23, Houston METRO is launching a Pilot Program with our Lone Star College-Houston North Fallbrook location! What started as an idea by one of our students has grown into a possibility.

Starting this January, METRO will begin offering a shuttle service for students that attend LSC-Houston North Fallbrook. While the details are still being finalized, the initial plans are to have connections to bus lines 85 (Antoine), 86 (FM1960), and 96 (Veterans Memorial). The routes will tie into Shepherd Park & Ride and the Greenspoint Transit Center.

This is a special accomplishment due to how this idea originated. The actions that led to this service started with our former Student Government Association President, Estavieze Shephard. He described his experience of walking for twenty-two minutes to attend the Fallbrook location. His advocacy led to research and a series of communications/meetings regarding transportation possibilities to the LSC-HN Fallbrook site. It is a great example of how fortunate we are to have students that are not only interested in getting an education, but also making a difference in their communities. 

Please note that Estavieze is not only a LSC-Houston North student, but also a member of our outstanding OTS Department at our Victory location. Therefore, if you see him on campus, letís express our students-first value and give him the praise he deserves.  

Please see the video below, provided by our own Trustee Art Murillo, with the presentation provided to the METRO board.

METRO, who currently provides service to four other Lone Star College locations, has continued to be a great partner that is responsive to the needs of our students and the larger Houston community.

This will be a pilot program so we are asking for your assistance in spreading the word and helping this initiative succeed. We believe it will have long-lasting benefits for the college and local community. Please see video above for more information.

Lone Star College students, employees, and our community partners of Fallbrook Church will benefit greatly from this route, and it is up to us to do everything we can to help this initiative succeed.

I want to end by noting that this is a pilot program that will be assessed in the future. We need to do everything we can to help this initiative succeed both for our students and the surrounding community.

More information will be shared soon, but until then we encourage you to learn more about this initiative.

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