LSC-Kingwood Modern Language Department

LSC-Kingwood Modern Language Department

Beginning course levels I and II in Spanish and Japanese are available for credit and non-credit at LSC-Kingwood. Intermediate courses Levels I and II are also offered.

For all the above languages, our Beginning I and II credit courses take a functional approach to learning a second language. Both courses are designed to help students develop basic communicative skills and introduce them to the diverse cultures of people who speak the second language. In addition, students are exposed to grammatical concepts to gain an understanding of the structural differences between English and the second language. All modern language courses use computer programs to enhance what is taught in the classroom. All the courses also have online D2L sections to allow students to continue their education without attending campus. Classes are designed specifically to enhance the learning of students in all modalities.

The Intermediate Level Courses fulfill the CORE requirements for students under the Philosophy and Culture section and most transfer to meet language requirements of four-year degrees. If you have any questions about foreign language course transfer, please contact your transfer university.

Foreign Language Placement Exam

Students who have studied a language in high school or have had exposure to a language at home should take the AVANT Language Placement Test before registering for a language class. Students will be placed into the appropriate course as indicated below. Upon completion of the course with a grade of C or better, the student receives credit for the course and may request PLA credit for certain lower level courses. This is a placement exam only. It does not award credit toward language classes or requirements.

AVANT Score Class Placement
0 - 2.1 1411
2.2 - 3.5 1412
3.6 - 5.1 2311
5.2 - 6.0 2312*

The AVANT test is taken at the LSC-Kingwood College assessment center.? An appointment is required.? Please contact the LSC-Kingwood Testing Center to schedule your testing appointment.


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*Students who are heritage learners or native speakers of Spanish may also place into Spanish 2315 which is a course designed specifically for those raised speaking and hearing the Spanish language as children.  The learning objectives of 2312 and 2315 are similar.

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