Dropping Courses

Important Information to Dual Credit Students about Dropping a Course

Before submitting a drop request please read the following statement regarding drop requests as a dual credit student:

Dual credit students wanting to drop a course must speak with their designated high school/homeschool counselor prior to dropping a course. Dropping a dual credit course will possibly impact your current schedule, graduation, transcript and tuition. Students who wish to drop prior to the first day of class may be eligible for a full refund. Drops after the first day of class will receive partial, or no, refund. Some drops may result in a "W" grade on your college transcript. "W"s represent withdraws, which do not count against your overall GPA and do not impact the student's transcript negatively. Additionally, "W"s in dual credit classes do not count against the student's six permissible withdraws in the state of Texas. For more information regarding course drops and the impact on the students transcript, please see below.

What happens when I drop a class?

  • Before class starts - class is completely removed from transcript.
  • On or before "Official Day of Record" - class is completely removed from transcript.
  • On or before "W Date" - a "W" will be applied to the transcript.

Public High School and Private High School 

  • Students MUST submit their drop form to their high school counselor for processing.


If you transfer high schools after the first day of classes, you will be dropped from your dual credit courses if the W date has not passed.  If the W date has passed, please work with your high school and dual credit teacher to arrange completion of the coursework, if possible.  

If you transfer to another campus that offers dual credit through Lone Star College, you will not be able to enroll in those courses after the first day of class.   

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