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Who We Serve

  • Aldine ISD: Aldine HS & 9th, Carver HS, Eisenhower HS & 9th, Hall HS, Mac Arthur HS & 9th, Nimitz HS & 9th Website: http://www.aldine.k12.tx.us/
  • Spring ISD: Dekaney HS, Spring HS, Westfield HS, Wunsche HS Website: http://www.springisd.org/
  • Alternative Schools: Richard Milburn Academy, Hauke Alternative
  • Private School: Northland Christian High School
  • Middle Schools: Shotwell MS, Plummer MS, Aldine MS, Wells MS, Dueitt MS, Wunderlich MS, Bammel MS, Nitsche MS 
  • Elementary Schools: Keeble Elementary, Booker Elementary, Epps Island Elementary
  • Community Partners 
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Local Businesses
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Faith Based Organizations

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