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Classes Cancelled

All classes are cancelled beginning at 3:00 pm today. Normal schedule will resume on Saturday.  

Division 2: Math, Science, & Engineering

Office: HSC2 145
Front Desk: 281.290.5279
Fax: 832.482.1080

Dr. Claire Phillips
Office: HSC2 145C

LSC-CyFair Math Department

Jordan Alexander  

Dr. Jordan Alexander

Associate Professor
Office: TECH 216D
Phone: 832.482.1064
Email: jordan.alexander@lonestar.edu
Faculty Web Site

Aran Bercu  

Mr. Aran Bercu

Associate Professor
Office: HSC 117I
Phone: 281.290.3547
Email: aran.bercu@lonestar.edu
Faculty Web Site


Dr. Chinyoung Bergbauer  

Dr. Chinyoung Bergbauer

Office: HSC 200A
Phone: 281.290.5232
Email: chinyoung.bergbauer@lonestar.edu
Faculty Web Site


Dr. John Burghduff  

Dr. John Burghduff

Professor and Department Chair
Office: HSC2 250G
Phone: 281.290.3915
Email: john.b.burghduff@lonestar.edu
Faculty Web Site


Jonathan Davis  

Mr. Jonathan Davis

Assistant Professor
Office: HSC 117Q 
Phone: 281-290-3993 
Email: jonathan.m.davis@lonestar.edu
Faculty Web Site


Dr. Heather Gamber  

Dr. Heather Gamber

Professor and Lead Faculty
Office: TECH 100F
Phone: 281.290.5247
Email: heather.a.gamber@lonestar.edu
Faculty Web Site


Ms. Shalini Kapoor  

Ms. Shalini Kapoor

Associate Professor
Office: TECH 216I
Phone:  281.290.5968
Email: shalini.kapoor@lonestar.edu 
Faculty Web Site



Mr. Luis Molina

Associate Professor
Office: TECH 200A
Phone: 281.290.5207
Email: luis.d.molina@lonestar.edu 
Faculty Web Site


Dr. Kristina Sampson

Office: HSC 250A
Phone: 281.290.5205
Email: kristina.n.sampson@lonestar.edu
Faculty Web Site


Mayada Shahrokhi  

Ms. Mayada Shahrokhi

Professor and Lead Faculty
Office: TECH 200J
Phone: 281.290.3259
Email: mayada.shahrokhi@lonestar.edu
Faculty Web Site


Dr. Pretti Singh  

Dr. Preeti Singh

Associate Professor
Office: HSC2 250T
Phone: 281-290-5234
Email: preeti.singh@lonestar.edu
Faculty Web Site


Mr. Shawn Smith  

Mr. Shawn Smith

Assistant Professor
Office: TECH 216L
Phone: 281.290.3922
Email: shawn.m.smith@lonestar.edu
Faculty Web Site

Sharon Stefan  

Ms. Sharon Stefan

Office: TECH 100G
Phone: 281.290.3510
Email: sharon.k.stefan@lonestar.edu
Faculty Web Site


Mr. Todd Thomas  

Mr. Todd Thomas

Professor and Lead Faculty
Office: TECH 100A
Phone: 281.290.3504
Email: todd.thomas@lonestar.edu
Faculty Web Site


Ursula Zavala  

Ms. Ursula Zavala

Associate Professor
Office: TECH 200Q
Phone: 281.290.3208
Email: ursula.zavala@lonestar.edu 
Faculty Web Site


Adjunct Instructors

Ms. Upeksha Adikari upeksha.a.adikari@lonestar.edu
Ms. Shamsa Ali shamsa.h.ali@lonestar.edu
Mr. Andrew Alke andrew.alke@lonestar.edu
Ms. Deborah Bourgeois deborah.l.bourgeois@lonestar.edu
Mr. Samuel Chen samuel.chen@lonestar.edu
Ms. Dava Chitwood dava.l.chitwood@lonestar.edu
Mr. Bruce Crowl victor.b.crowl@lonestar.edu
Mr. Jorge de Jesus jorge.w.dejesus@lonestar.edu
Mr. Ed Everidge william.e.everidge@lonestar.edu
Mr. Dan Ferguson dan.ferguson@lonestar.edu
Ms. Jane Ferguson mary.j.ferguson@lonestar.edu
Mr. Kary Green kary.d.green@lonestar.edu
Dr. Rod Grisham jack.r.grisham@lonestar.edu
Mr. Frank Hammers frank.s.hammers@lonestar.edu
Mr. Max Hibbs max.hibbs@lonestar.edu
Mr. Andrew Hill andrew.hill@lonestar.edu
Mr. Dennis Humphreys dennis.humphreys@lonestaredu
Ms. Linda Jezek linda.k.jezek@lonestar.edu
Mr. Myango Kapuku myango.w.kapuku@lonestar.edu
Ms. Peggy Lige peggy.w.lige@lonestar.edu
Dr. Dimitar Michev dimitar.p.michev@lonestar.edu
Mr. Ali Najm ali.m.najm@lonestar.edu
Mr. Quoc Nguyen quoc.nguyen@lonestar.edu
Dr. Jean Paul Pemba jean.p.pemba@lonestar.edu
Mr. Stephen Rhorer stephen.t.rhorer@lonestar.edu
Mr. John Roberts john.roberts@lonestar.edu
Ms. Maureen Royce maureen.k.royce@lonestar.edu
Mr. Togba Sapolucia togba.c.sapolucia@lonestar.edu
Mr. Tim Sever timor.sever@lonestar.edu
Dr. Mohammed Shayib mohammed.a.shayib@lonestar.edu
Dr. Preeti Singh preeti.singh@lonestar.edu
Ms. Elizabeth Stoerkel elizabeth.m.stoerkel@lonestar.edu
Mr. Phil Unruh phil.unruh@lonestar.edu
Mr. Gary Utecht gary.utecht@lonestar.edu