LSC-CyFair Math Department

Catalog Description
A review of basic mathematics including whole numbers, fractions, mixed numbers, decimals, percents, ratios, and proportions. Converting to different units of measure (standard and/or metric) and other topics as required
by specific businesses and industries will be covered.

Course Learning Outcomes
The student will:
• Calculate area and volume geometric figures.
• Calculate triangular objects using trigonometry.
• Transpose algebraic formulas to seek and solve unknown.
• Use ratios and proportions to solve business and industrial applications.
• The student will factor polinomials; simplify rational, radical, and exponential expressions.
• Solve, check, and graph linear, and quadratic equations.
• Solve application problems using systems of equations.
• Perform arithmetic operations using complex numbers.

Contact Hour Information
Credit Hours:  3
Lecture Hours:  3
Lab Hours:  0
External Hours:  0
Total Contact Hours:  48


Required Materials

Inquire with instructor

Graphing Calculator required.  TI 83, TI 84 or TI 86 series calculators recommended. 
Calculators capable of symbolic manipulation will not be allowed on tests.  Examples include, but are not limited to, TI 89, TI 92, and Nspire CAS models and HP 48 models. 
Neither cell phones nor PDA’s can be used as calculators.  Calculators may be cleared before tests.