Lone Star College-North Harris Performing Arts Theater
2700 W. W. Thorne Blvd.
Houston, Texas 77073


Saturday,  MARCH 28, 2015    10am - 5pm

Tuesday,  MARCH 31, 2015      5pm - 7pm


Major Singing roles include: Tarzan, Jane, Kerchak, Kala, Terk, Porter, Clayton, Young Tarzan, and Young Terk

Singing Auditions* will be held from 10am-2pm

*You must make a scheduled appointment.  Please call the number below.

You should choose a contemporary musical number with a pop feel.

Three options: Piano Accompanist (provided), CD without vocals, or Acapella

Dance Auditions* will be held from 3pm-5pm

*If you only want to be a Dancers/Aerialist you do not have to be at the singing auditions, but you will not be considered for a lead or supporting role. Please bring movement clothes.


NOTE: Everyone should attend both Singing and Dance Auditions. However some roles do not require dance and some do not require singing. 

ANYONE (student, community…etc.) can audition for this show.

Production dates: June 23-28th, 2015

Some Rehearsals: Aerial, Movement, stage combat will be begin the first of April. Regular rehearsals will begin late April Early May.  

TO SCHEDULE AN AUDITION PLEASE CALL: 281-765-7963 or email me at


Character Breakdown (in order of appearance)

FATHER: a strong, determined man who braves the unknown to provide for his wife and son after a shipwreck leaves them stranded in an unfamiliar jungle. This role is featured briefly at the top of the show but sets the tone for the entire musical. Age 20’s - Vocal Range:C4-Eb4

MOTHER: protects her son with all her might, braving the shipwreck, storm, and jungle to keep him alive. Together with her husband, she builds a house in the canopy of the trees, trying to create a safe haven for her family to live in. Age 20’s - Vocal Range:C4-C5

THE APE ENSEMBLE: the tribe of gorillas who become Tarzan’s family. They are fun, loving and fiercely protective of their own. Performers comfortable with movement, singing and physically demanding roles should be considered for this ensemble. Dancers/Aerialist.  ALL AGES

KERCHAK: the gruff bull-ape who leads the tribe and insists that Tarzan, even as a baby, poses a threat to the family. He is conflicted by his dedication to his mate Kala and his responsibilities as leader of the tribe. This performer should have a strong, authoritative presence while being able to display key glimpses of the silverback’s  tennderness. Kerchak can be a musical theater baritone but must have a big sound and commanding presence.  - Vocal Range:Ab3-Gb4

KALA: a motherly ape who raises Tarzan after he loses his parents to the leopard. She is incredibly strong, even after suffering the loss of her own child. She shows a depth of emotion equal to that of any human, if not greater. Kala must have a warm sound that is more mature than Tarzan’s voice. Ideally, she should understand pop phrasing. She needs be able to sing the low G in full voice but can cheat the lower notes if necessary. - Vocal Range:Eb2-Eb4

YOUNG TARZAN: an innocent ten-year-old human, raised by apes. He is immensely curious and possesses a keen ingenuity. Tarzan is daring but desperately wants to fit in with the rest of the family. Young Tarzan is written for an unchanged voice. His solos are challenging as many of them sit in a high register.  Age 9-13 - Vocal Range:C4-Eb5

YOUNG TERK: a sarcastic adolescent ape. He is an outcast due to his meager size and inability to keep up with his brothers and sisters physically. Terk replaces his physical inadequacy with eloquence and intelligence. He finds a kindred spirit in Tarzan, the other outcast of the family. He is a teenage tenor; cast someone with pop phrasing ability. Age 9-13 - Vocal Range:G3-B4

TERK: a young adult male ape whose friendship with Tarzan grows stronger through the years. Other than Kala, Terk is the only ape who visits Tarzan in exile. He would like to think he knows it all and often relies on his great sense of humor. He tends to stay in one place, not growing much in life experience or knowledge. Terk is written to be a rock/pop/soul tenor with good understanding of groove and some ad-lib skills; he must be comfortable singing consistently in his upper register. - Vocal Range:Eb4-C6

TARZAN: is twenty years old and still untainted by civilization. His curiosity has grown as his skills develop. Tarzan is long, lean and very athletic. He has great integrity and a strong sense of fairness. Tarzan falls passionately in love with Jane at first sight and wonders if she is the key to unlocking his mysterious past. Tarzan should be a pop high baritone or tenor. His solos primarily sit in a high register, but it works best if he can mix and belt equally well. Age 20’s - Vocal Range:D3-B5

JANE: a proper, well-bred, British young lady, but a bit of a tomboy, too. She is very much the turn of-the-twentieth-century independent female adventurer and scientist. Jane is an attractive ingénue with a bit of a motor mouth brought on by her fascination and passion for all the expedition has to offer. Once meeting Tarzan, this young girl blossoms into a woman. Jane should be able to belt to D5; D5-F5 can be sung in a legit voice. She can have a bright, youthful sound, must understand pop phrasing and have some power in both her high and low registers. Age 20’s - Vocal Range:Gb3-F5

PORTER: a British professor and gentleman who is traveling to Africa to prove his theory on the social habits of apes. A single father to Jane, he maintains his temper and demeanor to the very last moment. He offers a bit of humor through his slightly eccentric, mad-scientist enthusiasm. Porter is a baritone, but most of his solos can be spoken if necessary. Age 40-50’s - Vocal Range:Bb3-E5

CLAYTON: a brutish British expedition guide and the villain of the show. He has been hired by Professor Porter to lead a scientific research trip but is actually planning to hunt apes for profit.  Clayton is a greedy and self-centered macho male who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. This is a non-singing role. 20-30s

SNIPES: head of the expedition crew. This is a non-singing role. 30-40’s

EXPEDITION CREW: non-speaking, non-singing roles and may double with the apes ensemble.

TO SCHEDULE AN AUDITION PLEASE CALL: 281-765-7963 or email me at