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Forms and Processes for College Sponsored Student Travel

Travel Checklist - Required Forms Handouts

Before the Trip - Advisors complete the following forms:

Request for Approval of College Sponsored Student Travel (TR 1) – Submit this form as soon as possible to ensure your trip is approved in a timely manner
Send an email to the Student Life Program Manager requesting travel approval (include expense, dates and nature of travel)
Travel Authorization in iStar
Send the email approval from Student Life Program manager to your HR supervisor so that he/she may approve your TA
Trip Plan (TR2)
Trip Roster (TR3)

Before the Trip - Students complete the following forms:

Participant Release (TR4)
Participant's General Information and Authorization for Medical Treatment Form (TR5) - Form A-10 must be completed by each student participant)
Participant's Hold Harmless Agreement (Carpool Form) - Form must be completed by each student participant.
Sample Statement of Commitment and Behavior (This is not a required form...just one that has been used in the past by the Office of Student Activities. You can copy and paste it, and tailor it to suit your group's needs)
Attach a sheet with information about the event/ conference/ tournament the group is requesting to attend.

After the Trip - Advisors submit the following (as needed):

Travel Expense Report in iStar (for employee reimbursement after travel)
Incident Report (TR6) - Form A-12

Other Information Regarding Vehicle Usage and Student Travel

Vehicle Use Guidelines (contains useful information for advisors planning to travel with students)
Request to Operate a Motor Vehicle
Request for Information from Texas Driver's Licensing Records (required if an advisor is planning to drive students)

LSC-TE Card Tax Exemption Certificate

LSC-TX Hotel Tax Exemption

Make sure to print out important paperwork for out of town trips.

Travel Policy

Be aware of all school rules and regulations.