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Meet the Student Ambassadors

Education Major
Spring High School

Hello my name is Briana, and Iím a city girl from New Orleans, Louisiana. Iím a sophomore at Lone Star College-North Harris, and my major is Early Childhood Education. Before LSC-North Harris, I went to Spring High; home of the lions! Lone Star College-North Harris is a warm and welcoming campus with positive vibes.

My college tip is donít get lost in the shuffle.

Nursing Major
MacArthur High School

Hello everyone, name is Celeste and I am a sophomore at Lone Star College-North Harris, where I am pursuing my Nursing Degree. I choose Lone Star College as the place to start my nursing career not only for its affordability but also because of the small classroom size and environment. I have met many wonderful students and staff that welcome you and are actually in pursuit of your success. In high school, they always used to tell us that professors donít really care if you even go to class. At LSC-North Harris however, I have personally experienced the opposite! My professors are determined to teach us the material and make sure we understand it. They are very passionate about their subject and are excellent.

College tip: I would have liked to be involved more in the college since my first semester. Join an organization and meet new people. There are so many new experiences and opportunities you can encounter if you become more active. Enjoy yourself with these experiences!

Marketing Major
Carl Wunshe Sr. High School

Hi! My name is Frank and Iím a sophomore majoring in Marketing. I love the diversity of college and being able to meet new people every day. If there is one thing I love more than meeting new people, itís being able to listen to their stories. Personally, I come from a family that doesnít believe in education. Iíve been constantly told ďquit school and go to workĒ. Fortunately, that has never slowed me down. If you truly believe in what you do, you can change your life. Trust me, I canít even recognize my new one and I love it!

My college tip is surround yourself with great people. Believe it or not, the people you spend time with shape your success in every area of your life, including college.

Business Major
Klein Collins High School

Hello everyone, my name is Jessica and I am a sophomore at Lone Star College-North Harris majoring in Business with a focus in Accounting. I graduated from Klein Collins High School two years ago and after graduating I directly went straight to college. I never knew anything about the college, but was able to manage my way up. Lone Star College-North Harris has made me be the successful person I am now. It has made me feel welcome, not only that, but it has helped me get through my career goals. Iíve always wanted to be a business woman. My goal is to transfer to the University of Houston to pursue my bachelorís.

College tips: GPA is very important, and I would want students to know that getting involved in many clubs as possible can make a big difference in your life because not only do you build friendships, but it helps you be a better person for yourself.

Associates degree in Paralegal Studies
Nimitz Sr. High School

Hey y íall, my name is Jesus and I am currently a sophomore at Lone Star College-North Harris. My academic goals are to get my Associates degree in paralegal studies, and to be an attorney one day. When I am not in class, I like to go to the rec center and hangout with some friends, and listen to music while I shoot some pool. The thing I love about Lone Star is that every one of my professors is willing to help me along with my studies.

My college tip to future students is to not give up no matter how many times it takes. ET the hip Ė hop preacher said it best, ďDonít quit, youíre already hurt, youíre already in pain. Get a reward from it.Ē Just do your best.

Criminal Justice / Law
Andy Dekaney High School

Coming straight from Andy Dekaney High School I knew I was going to attend college. Before LSC-North Harris, I wanted to be a part of hospitality and tourism. In high school, I took culinary classes and I became an intern for The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel and Convention Center. As I attended classes here at LSC-North Harris and became an Ambassador, I decided to switch my major to Law.

My college advice to you is, coming to college is what you make it. Either plant the seed or be the seed that grows.

Westfield High School

Hey guys, my name is Samantha Batts and I am a sophomore at Lone Star College-North Harris. I am majoring in Education and want to pursue a career in teaching. I graduated from Westfield High School and at first I didnít know what to do. During a career day there, I made the decision to attend Lone Star College. The whole environment is happy and positive, and everyone is very helpful. They made me feel welcomed and I knew this where I should be. I was worried about not being able to afford college but when I spoke with the financial aid office, they helped me with scholarships and other ways to pay for school. On campus, I feel extremely comfortable, which allows me to study and turn in work on time.

My college tip is, donít take more than you can handle and get involved with the campus life.

Associates of Applied Science / Petroleum Field Service Technician
MacArthur High School

Hello, guys! I would like to share what I like the most about LSC-North Harris, the faculty and staff. Every single one of them is very helpful and welcoming they are truly here to help you achieve your academic goals! Also, the environment on campus is very welcoming with such diversity and opportunity to network. The college also hosts several events for students to get involved and enjoy themselves, and provides academic assistance with several tutoring resources on campus. My academic goal here at LSC-North Harris is to obtain my AAS degree and start my career in the oil and gas field. I was once the high school student who said ďCollege isnít for meĒ but since I started, it has been one of my greatest decisions!

My college tip to you is to make use of the agenda provided to you by the college so you can stay on top of things. Being able to review what you did at the end of the day will help you stay on track to accomplishing your academic goals. Take control of your future one day at a time!

Biology Major
Victory Early College High School

Hello, my name is Stephanie Ramirez and I attend Lone Star College-North Harris. What I love about Lone Star College is how dedicated my professors are in ensuring I get a good education. They truly take the time to get to know the students, and the small class size helps me form bonds with my classmates. My goal is to take as many transferrable classes as I can before I transfer to a four year university. I want to become a biologist, which often requires a masterís degree or higher, and LSC-North Harris helps me relieve the financial stress I would have at a regular university.

My college tip is try your best to make time for yourself and get involved. It makes the college experience a hundred percent worth it and you learn some valuable skills outside the classroom.

Mechanical Engineering Major
Exchange Student

Bonjour! My name is Yohan. I am a sophomore at Lone Star College-North Harris majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I love LSC-North Harrisí small classes, the library, and the friendly environment. I study hard in order to maintain a satisfactory GPA. The key is to work hard. One thing I learned this year is to never let your dreams be dreams. If your dream is to become a Mechanical Engineer like me, go for it. No matter how hard it seems to be, give it a chance. If it is your dream today, let it be your reality tomorrow.

My college tip is donít forget to stop by the various tutoring centers all around the campus and get as much help as you can. More importantly, donít wait till the last minute before studying for your exam. Start studying as soon as you get out of class.



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