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Campus Carry

Campus Carry Overview*

Senate Bill 11, commonly referred to as the campus carry law, relates to the carrying of handguns on the campuses of and certain other locations associated with institutions of higher education; providing a criminal penalty.

  • The effective date of this law for a public junior college including Lone Star College is Aug. 1, 2017.
  • Open carry is specifically prohibited by this bill.
  • Authorizes posting of a sign under Penal Code Section 30.06 with respect to any portion of a premises on which license holders may not carry.

To carry on Lone Star College campuses:

  • Must have a LTC (license to carry) or CHL (concealed handgun license)
  • Weapon must be concealed at all times
  • Follow Penal Code 30.06

*Source: Texas Department of Public Safety

Violations of the campus carry policy should be reported to Lone Star College Police.

For additional information please send your question or comment to CampusCarry@LoneStar.Edu.

Descripción general de portación en campus*

El Proyecto de Ley del Senado n.º 11, al que comúnmente se hace referencia como “la ley de portación en campus”, se relaciona con la portación de revólveres en campus y en otros lugares relacionados con instituciones de educación superior, y aplica sanciones penales.

  • La fecha de entrada en vigencia de esta ley para las escuelas semisuperiores públicas, entre ellas Lone Star College, es el 1 de agosto de 2017.
  • Este proyecto de ley prohíbe específicamente la portación a la vista.
  • Autoriza la colocación de un letrero en virtud de la Sección 30.06 del Código Penal en cuanto a cualquier parte de las instalaciones en la cual los titulares de licencias no puedan portar.

Para portar armas en los campus de Lone Star College:

  • Debe contar con una LTC (licencia para portar) o CHL (licencia de revólver oculto)
  • El arma debe estar oculta todo el tiempo
  • Debe respetar la sección 30.06 del Código Penal

*Fuente: Departamento de Seguridad Pública de Texas

Las violaciones de la política de portación en campus deben informarse a la Policía de Lone Star College.

Hoja informativa del estudiante

Más información: CampusCarry@LoneStar.Edu


Exclusionary Zones

Following Penal Code 30.06, Lone Star College has set up exclusionary zones which prohibits the carry of concealed weapons. Each campus maintains a list of locations which serve as exclusionary zones.




LSC-North Harris


LSC-University Park

LSC-System Office

To request a room or area to be considered by the Campus Carry Advisory Committee for designation as an exclusionary zone please submit the following form:

Lone Star College Campus Carry Task Force


Rand Key, Police Commissioner and CEO
Paul Willingham, Chief of Police

Lone Star College - CyFair

Patrick Barton, Faculty Senate President
Maria Gallegos, Student Government President
Bill Hackley, Director Student Services
Jeffery Hirt, Faculty
Rebecca Moore, PSSA President
Deana Sheppard, VP of Instruction
Adrienne Patton, Faculty

Lone Star College - Kingwood

Anthony Carreras, Faculty Senate President
Charlotte Iserhardt, PSSA President
Darrin Rankin, VP of Student Success
Oscar Ramos, Interim Dean, Atascocita Center
Brandon Skidgel, Student Government President
John (Jay) Theis, Faculty

Lone Star College - Montgomery

Karen Buckman, Faculty Senate President
Taylor Frank, PSSA
Richard Hunting, Faculty
Glen Killian, Faculty
Betsy Ramirez, Student Government President
Vicky Saunders, Faculty
Pat Sendelbach, VP of Administration

Lone Star College – North Harris

Aderonke Ayokanmbi, Student Government President   
Joyce Boatright, Faculty
Valschkia Dabney, Vice President, Victory Center
Bob Lynch, Faculty Senate President
Gerald Napoles, President
Carolyn Wade, VP of Student Success
Shawnez Wilson, PSSA President

Lone Star College - Tomball

Marisue Freed, PSSA President
Patrick Gilbert, Faculty
Lee Ann Nutt, President
Van Piercy, Faculty Senate President
Christian Plasencia, Student Government President
Quentin Wright, VP of Instruction

Lone Star College – University Park

Karina Cabrera, Student Government President
Kathy Cecil-Sanchez, VP of Instruction
Paula Khalaf, Faculty Senate President
Matt Plank, Faculty
Sony Simon, PSSA President

Lone Star College – System Office

Joy Aman, PSSA President
Helen Clougherty, Vice Chancellor, Chief of Staff
Mike Fiore, Executive Director System Facilities
Katie Halbert, PSSA President
Alicia Harvey-Smith, Executive Vice Chancellor
Carin Hutchins, Acting CFO, Office of Finance and Administration
Laura Miller, Staff
Nancy Molina, Assistant General Counsel
Anne Money, Staff
Ryan Morris, Assistant General Counsel
Denise Walker, Chief Emergency Management Officer
Jed Young, Executive Director Communications

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