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Travel Insurance

Lone Star College (LSC) offers domestic and international travel opportunities for our students, faculty and staff, so it is important to recognize and properly evaluate the risks that are inherent with these opportunities. Effective evaluation of potential risks and being prepared to property mitigate those risks is necessary in maintaining the safety of faculty, staff and students. Risk management is everyone’s responsibility.

Students often cite student life, academic field trips, and overseas learning experiences as influential aspects of their college experience. These trips may add exciting real-world components to their academic experience.

LSC campuses may need to consult several areas of expertise during the travel planning stage. These areas may include many different departments such as: Risk Management, Administrative Services, Student Success, Instruction, Office of General Counsel, International Programs, and the Office of Emergency Management.  Please consider when beginning to plan a trip, event, or activity, you may often be asked to be a travel agent, bookkeeper, safety officer, first aid administrator, and 24-hour companion!


It is very important for LSC travel to be properly recorded and documented before the traveler leaves for a trip.  Documentation prior to the trip assures the traveler's supervisor and/or department head is aware of the activity, funds are available for reimbursement of expenses, travel is allowable on the funds, traveler is covered under worker compensation insurance, and, if the travel is international, the traveler is enrolled in the LSCS Travel Abroad Insurance Plan.

The Office of Risk Management (ORM) maintains the travel registry, for both domestic and international travel, and the LSC Travel Abroad Insurance Plan.  The following documents are required by ORM:

International Travel Abroad Insurance

As mandated by the LSC, all employees and students traveling abroad in affiliation with the College are required to purchase the LSC international health, evacuation, and repatriation insurance. The LSC Travel Abroad insurance program covers all students registered with the LSC, traveling outside of the United States and regularly attending classes during a LSC sponsored study abroad trip, and all employees of the LSC traveling outside of the United States for (i) study abroad programs and (ii) any business related to LSC.  In the event of injury or sickness, this program facilitates and pays for covered medical treatment while in the foreign country.  LSC Travel Abroad Insurance program is provided by UnitedHealthcare Global (UHCG).  UHCG is a single-source provider for our travel insurance. Enrollment for the LSC Travel Abroad Insurance program is managed by the LSC ORM.
    A. LSC Travel Abroad Insurance Plan Rates:
         1-2 Weeks / Person:                $45.00
         Rate each additional 7 days:   $15.00
    B. Enrollment Process - Travel Insurance:
        1) Complete the Trip Plan and Trip Roster form and submit the form to the LSC ORM at RiskManagement@LoneStar.edu
        2) Read and understand the Travel Abroad Insurance Brochure prior to travel; 
        3) Create a UHCG Member Account – see How to Create A UHCG Member Account; and 
        4) Sign in to your account and review the travel assistance for your trip.  The more you educate the more enjoyable is the trip! 
        5) UnitedHealthcare Global (UHCG): Print and carry your UnitedHealthcare Global ID Card with you at all times.  Print and review SafeTrip Scholastic for important information about Medical Assistance Services, Travel Assistance Services, and Worldwide Destination Intelligence, and how to use UnitedHealthcare Global Services.  Simply call the toll-free and collect-call telephone numbers printed on your ID card, or email UHCG at Assistance@uhcglobal.com.

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