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Private Music Lessons

The Lone Star College-University Park Music Department offers private lessons in voice, instruments, and composition.  To learn more, email the Director of Music, Aaron Alon, at Aaron.Alon@lonestar.edu.

What lessons are available?

We offer private lessons in voice, orchestral winds, orchestra brass, orchestral strings, piano, guitar, percussion (orchestral, marching, and drum set), and composition.  To request lessons or to get on a wait list for instruments we don't yet offer, please email the Director of Music, Aaron Alon, at Aaron.Alon@lonestar.edu or click here:

For non-majors, we recommend 1-credit hour lessons (eleven 35-minute lessons per semester). For majors, we recommend 2-credit hour lessons (fifteen 50-minute lessons or thirteen one-hour lessons per semester).  Here are the course numbers for each of these.


Nonmajors’ Lessons

Majors’ Lessons
(Year 1)

Majors’ Lessons
(Year 2)


MUAP 1181 MUAP 1282 MUAP 2282


MUAP 1101 MUAP 1202 MUAP 2202


MUAP 1121 MUAP 1222 MUAP 2222


MUAP 1141 MUAP 1242 MUAP 2242


MUAP 1157

MUAP 1258

MUAP 2258

Guitar MUAP 1161

MUAP 1262

MUAP 2262


MUAP 1169 MUAP 1270 MUAP 2270


MUAP 1191

MUAP 1292

MUAP 2292

*Now available: STRINGS - Violin, Viola & Cello (Double Bass coming soon); WINDS - Flute, Clarinet & Saxophone (Oboe and Bassoon coming soon); BRASS - Trombone, Tuba, Euphonium (French Horn and Trumpet coming soon). Email aaron.alon@lonestar.edu to learn more.

Are there any prerequisites or corequisites?

You must be enrolled in an MUSI or MUEN at Lone Star College-University Park while you are taking private lessons.  Students must audition for a private lesson spot. 

To set up an audition, click here or email the Director of Music, Aaron Alon, at aaron.alon@lonestar.edu.

How much do lessons cost?

If you’re in district, lessons will cost you about $19 per 35-minute lesson or $25 per 50-minute lesson.  The exact cost can vary, so please check with an advisor to find out the cost specific to you.


MUAP x1xx

MUAP x2xx

Lesson Length

35 minute lessons
(11 per semester)

50-minute lessons
(15 per semester)


12 weeks (late start)

16 weeks (regular start) or
14 weeks (late start)

End of Semester Jury



Added Studio (Group) Class



Estimated Cost

Please check with an advisor for actual costs for you.

$213 in-district

$318 out-of-district TX resident

$373 international/out-of-state

$377 in-district

$587 out-of-district TX resident

$697 international/out-of-state

How do I sign up?

Sign up for an audition.  Once approved, you can enroll in private lessons as you would any other class.  Make sure to bring your student ID number to your audition. If you have questions or need help, email Director Music, Aaron Alon, at Aaron.Alon@lonestar.edu

When will you offer lessons on my instrument?

We’re constantly adding new private lesson opportunities.  To get on a waitlist for an instrument we don’t offer yet, please fill out the form below and include the instrument which you'd like to study. We will choose what instrument to offer next by the number of students on that wait list, so sign up today!

What if I'm a beginner?

If you’re brand new to piano, voice, percussion, or guitar, we recommend that you get started by taking Class Piano I (MUSI 1181), Class Voice (MUSI 1183), Percussion Class (MUSI 1188), or Class Guitar (MUSI 1192). After a semester of these classes, you should be ready to start private lessons. If you'd like to learn any other instrument and you have some experience reading music, you may be a candidate for 35-minute lessons. Please email the Director of Music, Aaron Alon, at Aaron.Alon@lonestar.edu, to discuss your options!

Can lessons apply toward my degree or the core?

MUAP x1xx lessons do not count toward the AA degree.  MUAP x2xx lessons count toward the AA in Music degree (four semesters required), but not the general AA degree.  MUAP lessons do not count toward the core.  Please consult with your transfer institution to see if MUAP lessons can be used as elective credits toward a four-year degree.

Who are the teachers for these lessons?

Private lessons are taught by music faculty who are specialists in the area. You can see a list of current faculty here.


Please email any questions you have to the Director of Music, Aaron Alon, at Aaron.Alon@lonestar.edu.

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