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Music and Drama Scholarships

Scholarships are available every year to students enrolled in music and drama courses.  For audition information click here.

Scholarship Requirements

Applicants must meet the following requirements to be eligible for scholarships:

  • You must be a high school graduate or have earned a GED.
  • You must have a minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA (we will use your high school GPA if you are a new student) .
  • You must have successfully completed at least 67% of your cumulative attempted hours.
  • You must have declared an academic program other than “undecided” and must be taking courses that apply to that degree/certificate (it does not need to be in music or drama)
  • You must be enrolled in at least 6 hours at LSC-CyFair, the LSC-Fairbanks Center, and/or the LSC-Cypress Center.
  • You must be taking at least 1 hour of music (for a music scholarship) or 1 hour of drama (for a drama scholarship) at Lone Star College-CyFair.  For the Susan J. Caldwell Endowment for the Arts, you must be enrolled in at least two courses in the arts, music, and/or drama.
  • You must demonstrate a commitment to the profession by participating in campus activities related to the profession, such as through participating in campus music concerts, plays, and/or musicals.
  • You must demonstrate unmet need.

Scholarships Available

All scholarships are merit based, not need based.

The following named scholarships are available for performers:

  1. Clarence Kruger Memorial Endowment: one scholarship for $1,000
    Criteria: Must attend LSC-CyFair; 2.0 minimum GPA; awarded for tuition, fees, and related educational expenses in music, theatre, or performing arts.
    Recipients: Must be performers. Those awarded these scholarships must provide Dr. Levy with letters detailing their backgrounds and accomplishments.
  2. Susan J. Caldwell Endowments for the Arts: five scholarships for $1,000 (split evenly between fall and spring semester); Awarded to one drama student, one instrumental music student, one vocal music student, one art student, and one best additional applicant
    Criteria: Must attend LSC-CyFair at least part-time; 2.0 minimum GPA; enrollment in two courses in the arts, music, and/or drama departments; funds used for tuition, fees, books, and class supplies
    Recipients: Must be performers. Those awarded these scholarships must send letters to Mrs. Caldwell detailing their background and accomplishments.

LSC-CyFair also provides additional scholarship funding of varying amounts to students, based on fund availability and demonstrated merit.

Audition Requirements


Instrumentalists should be prepared to play a one-minute excerpt from an etude, a solo, or from the band literature. Please choose an excerpt that effectively showcases your skills at an appropriate level.

Classical/Operatic Singers

Classical/operatic singers should prepare a memorized solo of no more than 2-3 minutes in length. Prepared solos may be art songs (lieder), folk songs, hymns, pop songs, or musical theatre songs that best highlight their singing levels and styles. Singers should provide sheet music for an accompanist whom the department will provide.

Pop Singers

Pop singers should prepare two memorized, contrasting excerpts from songs. Singers are asked for each to be at least 32 bars long, though they will likely be cut short during the audition process. Singers should provide sheet music for an accompanist (pianist) whom the department will provide.


Actors should prepare two contrasting, short monologues not to exceed two minutes in combined length. Please prepare one contemporary comedic monologue and one dramatic monologue, each from a different modern (written within the last 25 years) published play. Singing actors may prepare a short excerpt (16-32 bars). They should provide sheet music for an accompanist (we will provide a pianist) or be prepared to sing it a cappella (without accompaniment).

Schedule an Audition

To check when the next audition opportunity will be, check our auditions page. If you have any questions, please contact the Dean Office front desk at 281.290.5273.

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