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Why Take Chemistry?

There are many reasons to study chemistry. A knowledge of chemistry provides many options for careers.

Chemist: Some chemists develop new materials like plastics and semiconductors. Chemists at pharmaceutical companies work on developing new drugs that help cure diseases and alleviate pain. Others are inventing new chemical reactions so that materials and drugs can be made more efficiently. Chemists are developing fuel cells and solar panels to solve our energy needs. Some test drugs and compounds for safety, and some regulate pollution. Other chemists are working at the forefront of nanotechnology. Some decide to teach chemistry to the next generation. A chemist can work for private industry, in academics, or for the government. The average chemist made $92,000 in 2012.

Chemical engineers use chemistry to create all types of chemical products. They create new clothing fibers, dyes, plastics, paints, cleaners, and oils. They work on creating new materials that are tougher, or softer, or more fire resistant, or longer lasting, or more biodegradable. When a new factory is being built, engineers design the process that will optimize the cost and quality of the products.

Other careers: There are a large number of other careers which require a knowledge of chemistry. Someone with a chemistry background can become a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, science writer, patent lawyer, forensic scientist, entrepreneur, or administrator.

That's not all! Learning chemistry provides you with good problem solving skills that are helpful in any career. Your knowledge of chemistry will help you make more informed opinions on issues like health, energy, and the environment. Finally, chemistry is fun!


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