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The following are course descriptions for all college-level English courses taught at Lonestar College: North Harris.

Freshman Level Course Descriptions

English 1301: Composition and Rhetoric I        English 1302: Composition and Rheoric II
Syllabi for English 1301                                  Syllabi for English 1302 


Sophomore Level Course Descriptions
English 2311: Technical Communications English 2351: Mexican-American Literature
English 2341: Forms of Literature English 2328: American Literature II   
English 2322: British Literature I 

English 2332: World Literature I

English 2342: Forms of Literature I

English 2333: World Literature II

English 2323: British Literature II

English 2307: Creative Writing I

English 2327: American Literature I

English 2308: Creative Writing II

English 2343: Forms of Literature II English 2389: Academic Cooperative in  Composition

Syllabi for Sophomore English

Lone Star College: North Harris
English Department Policy on Attendance

Since attendance is imperative if students are to learn all that will be required of them, they will be expected to attend every class meeting. The following attendance rules will therefore apply to all students.

No student may miss more than the equivalent of two weeks of class. If a student misses more than that, he will be dropped unless he contacts his professor.

If a student becomes ill or a family emergency arises necessitating his absence beyond the two-week limit, he must e-mail or call his professor, and, when he returns to class, he must bring documentation verifying the reason for the absence. It is up to the professor to decide if the student may remain in class if he misses more than the equivalent of two weeks.

Professors may also assign whatever reasonable penalties they deem appropriate when students miss class.

Finally, students may be dropped for non-performance. If a student does not turn in the equivalent of two major required assignments, she may be dropped from the course.