Foreign Language Placement Exams

Students seeking credit/s for a foreign language course may request an Application for Prior Learning Assessment form. You may obtain this form from Admissions Office or the foreign language department. The foreign language department is located in the Academic building, room 221. Report to the Assessment Center (SS105) to complete the test with a photo I.D. Please allow an hour for testing. Upon completion, report back to the foreign language department for interpretation and placement.

Avant Placement™ is an initial measurement of real-world language ability in Reading, Writing and Speaking as it pertains to credit (university-transferable) courses in Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish in the Lone Star College System. Used to inform appropriate placement for students in high school and college, Avant Placement tests can be completed quickly and are web-based for anytime, anywhere accessibility. Students will be placed into the appropriate course as indicated below.  Upon completion of the course with a grade of C or better, the student receives credit for the course and may request PLA credit for certain lower level courses.  See for details and applicable fees.


AVANT Placement Levels

AVANT score

Class Placement

0 - 2


2* - 3*


4 - 5

2311 or 2313

(Students who are heritage or native speakers of Spanish should take 2313.)

5* - 6

2312 or 2315

(Students who are heritage or native speakers of Spanish should take 2315.)

* Review of writing and speaking responses by the instructor may be recommended to make accurate placement decisions.