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The following courses can be completed by taking an internal challenge exam. For further information on exams and other course requirements, contact the program area of interest. Students may receive credit by examination for the following courses:
  • ITSC/COSC 1401 CSME 1505
  • ITSC 1402 DFTG 1305
  • AUTM 1405 DFTG 1309
  • AUTM 1407 DFTG 1325
  • CETT 1402 HART 1407
  • CETT 1403 HITT 1305
  • CETT 1405 INMT 1391
  • CETT 1329 METL 1405
  • CSME 1250 WLDG 1428
  • CSME 1310 WLDG 1457
  • CSME 1501
Request a PLA (Prior Learning Assessment) from the Admissions office. Once approved, please proceed to the Business Office and pay the $25 fee. Report to the Assessment Center (A-102) to take the test with a photo I.D. Must allow 3 hours for testing prior to closing.

The test must be completed in one sitting and cannot be retaken. Students receiving credit by examination must be fully admitted to Lone Star College System at the time credit is awarded. The completed exams will be forwarded to the specific department for grading. Credit by examination will be recorded on the student’s official transcript without grade equivalent upon successful completion.