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Our International Faculty
(November 2005 to mid-April 2006)
Lone Star College-North Harris is justly proud of its faculty; with this exhibit we celebrated the multiculturalism of our professors. Nineteen of our full-time faculty were born and raised in other countries. We showed their portraits and drew a line to their hometowns on our world map. They shared their thoughts with their colleagues and students in finishing this sentence: "If I could bring something from my homeland to America that would improve the quality of life for all of us, it would be ..."

(October through December 2005)
Student Jessica Durkin approached us on her return from six months in Nepal and offered to share her souvenirs and mementoes with the college community. We filled two display cases and everyone marveled at the silks, the jewelry, the photos, and many everyday objects used by the people of Nepal.

Bells-Let Freedom Ring
(September 2005)
Eighteen faculty and staff members loaned their bells for this exhibit. We had school bells, dinner bells, Morris dance bells, glass bells, china bells, brass bells, Hindu prayer bells, a goat bell, a cow bell, souvenir bells from various states and countries, and three replicas of the Liberty Bell. Unfortunately, this exhibit was cut short by the advance of Hurricane Rita. The two display cases where the bells were on view were both in areas surrounded by exterior windows. Rather than take a chance on wind and water damage, we dismantled the Bells early.

Remembrance of the World Wars
(September - October 2005)
Commemorating the end of World War II (60th anniversary of the war's end), history Professors Theresa McGinley and Allen Vogt presented memorabilia, artifacts, and publications from World War I and World War II. Photographs, insignias, ration books, personal and official papers, newspaper accounts, posters, and a variety of books were on view for this exhibit.

(July - August 2005; in preview case during June)
While attending a conference in Russia, Library Director Maryann Readal visited with our Russian librarian colleagues (who visited Houston in 2003) and brought home some interesting items. In this exhibit we saw matryoshka nesting dolls, brightly-colored lacquerware, representations of architectural wonders and traditional attire, and interesting polished stones from the Ural Mountains.

(May 2 to June 30, 2005; in preview case March 29-May 1)
The great literature of India, a miniature soft-stone replica of the Taj Mahal, several representations of the elephant-headed god, and Bollywood were featured in this exhibit mounted by librarian Pradeep Lele. The "sneak preview" exhibit coincided with the visit to our campus of the Consul General of India, who delivered an address to students, faculty, and staff.

(March 24 to May 10, 2005)
Newly independent since 1991, Azerbaijan has a rich history and traditions. Our display in the Library building lobby offered information and traditional crafts and decorative objects of Azerbaijan, graciously shared by our Azeri student, Magsud Mamadov.

History Through Deaf Eyes (Deaf History Month)
(March 15 to April 15, 2005)
Deaf History Month, March 13 to April 15, honors several important milestones: the March 13, 1988, victory of the "Deaf President Now" movement at Gallaudet University; the April 8, 1864, signing by Abraham Lincoln of the charter for Gallaudet University, and; April 15, 1817, the day The American School for the Deaf in Hartford, Connecticut, opened its doors. Our display included posters of the exhibition from Gallaudet University which features many historic photos, and materials from Illuminations Arts, a theatrical arts group. Thanks to Leslie Michaelson, Brian Kilpatrick, and Susan Jackson for providing the display and its materials.

(January 30 to March 11, 2005)
Thanks to the generosity of NHC President David Sam and Mrs. Sam, we presented a colorful display of objects from Ghana. On view were traditional games and dolls, wood sculpture and framed wood artwork, magazines, jewelry, and clothing. Several beautiful Kente cloths were part of the display.

(January 20 to March 14, 2005)
We celebrated Brazil in our lobby display case right through the Carnaval season thanks to Erin De Souza, program manager for International Studies. Erin loaned us all of the interesting display pieces, including her jewelry, the musical instrument called a berimbau, an amazing amethyst geode, and a mounted piranha baring its teeth.