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(November 16 to December 16, 2004)
The Kingdom of Thailand display was mounted by librarian Hope Beggan in conjunction with the guest lecture given by the Honorary Consul General of Thailand, Mr. Charles Foster, during International Education Week. The display included representations of Buddha, photos of the Thai royal family, wood carvings, soap sculptures, silks, dolls, and books.

Día de los Muertos
(October 27 to November 12, 2004)
Our annual tribute to those who have preceded us into the afterlife is presented by Professor Bertha Parle and her Spanish students. As always, they prepared the "ofrenda" and information about the holyday (All Souls Day) as well as the rituals that attend it. This year's Day of the Dead display especially memorializes the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, 2004 being the 100th anniversary of his birth.

(September 3-October 26, 2004)
This year markes the 150th anniversary of the first permanent Polish settlement in the United States, in Panna Maria, Texas. This display celebrates that anniversary by highlighting Polish arts and the extraordinary rebuilding effort made by the Poles following the devastation brought by World War II. Items in the display were loaned by Mr. & Mrs. Chester Kurk, parents of NHC Professor Theresa McGinley, and by Maryann Readal, NHC library director.

(July 19-September 2, 2004)
Presented in conjunction with Stacy Readal's lecture on humanitarian missions in Tanzania, this display drew on the artifacts brought from Tanzania by Ms. Readal and her family. Ms. Readal is co-founder and president of Duma Explorer, an eco-tourism company that arranges safaris to Tanzania's most interesting sights, e.g., Mt. Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar.

Wings Over the Library
(April 13-July 12, 2004)
During National Library Week, we celebrated the latest chapter in our library's world: the new runway at Bush Intercontinental Airport, which brings landing aircraft thrillingly close to our clock tower every day! This display features models and photos of planes from the historic first flight at Kitty Hawk through the Golden Age of planes (WWII) to NASA's awesome X-43A which made its stunning Mach-7 flight on March 27, 2004. Thanks to Karen Parker, Deidre Darnell, and Drs. Harald Jensen, Robert Miller, and Allen Vogt, who loaned us significant pieces for the display, mounted by Olia Palmer.

Women's History Month
(March 1-April 12, 2004)
A tribute to notable women from many nations and of various accomplishments. In one display case, we spotlighted the women who have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. In the other we presented an international cast of historic notables: musician and theologian Hildegard von Bingen (Germany), inventor and movie star Hedy Lamarr (Austria/USA), warriors and queens Trung sisters (Vietnam), athletic phenomenon Babe Didrikson Zaharias (USA), archaeologist Mary Leakey (England), business woman Coco Chanel (France), photographer Margaret Bourke-White (USA), cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova (USSR), astronaut Sally Kristen Ride (USA), physician Nafis Sadik (Pakistan), artist Frida Kahlo (Mexico), and first lady Eleanor Roosevelt (USA). Display presented by Olia H. Palmer.

The Great Bronze Age of China
(February 9-27, 2004)
On loan from the Texas Council for Humanities, this collection of pictures shows archeological treasures from China, including bronze vessels almost 4000 years old and examples of the terra cotta armies buried over 2000 years ago. The images are from an exhibition that toured the United States in 1980-1981.

African American History Month
(February 2004)
Highlighting the 50th anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court decision Brown v. Board of Education, one of the library display cases offers photos of children affected by the decision as well as Thurgood Marshall and others responsible for the legal work that made the victory possible. The other lobby case displays art and artifacts of the African American experience. This display was mounted by librarian Hope Beggan, using items loaned by Bridgett Bell, Linda Mark, Velma Smith, and Deidre Taylor.

Chinese Art and Artifacts
(February 2004)
Information about China accompanies the display of art objects on view in the library's south display case. These items, from the collection of Maryann and Tom Readal, include porcelain, wood carvings, and a remarkably long scroll featuring a painting of a country scene, complete with rivers, mountains, towns, fortresses, roads, travelers, farmers, animals, and nature.

The Year of the Monkey--Lunar New Year
(January 21-January 30, 2004)
Ushering in a year that promises new opportunities and revolutionary changes, the library's Vietnamese student workers welcomed library visitors on January 22nd with traditional New Year's foods and informational leaflets. Our student workers helped Maryann Readal and Olia Palmer create the display of Chinese and Vietnamese articles which commonly make their appearance for the lunar new year celebration.