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International Dolls
(November-December 2002)
Celebrating, in miniature, the national dress of many different cultures, this display was mounted by library director Maryann Readal. The dolls came from the collections of Maryann Readal and Sheila Duncan, Food Services dept.

Day of the Dead/Día de los Muertos
October 30-November 7, 2002)
Foreign Languages Professor Bertha Parle and her Spanish students mounted this exhibit depicting the Mexican tradition (also practiced in other Latin American countries) of honoring those who have died, especially those who died in the preceding year. Dia de los Muertos provides an opportunity to celebrate those who have gone before on a day when tradition says their spirits visit the earth. Tables, also known as altars (in Spanish, "ofrendas") are set up in people's homes to provide food and drink to the visiting spirits of relatives; an ofrenda was part of this display.

Banned Books
(September 24-October 30, 2002)
To celebrate Banned Books Week (last week of September), librarian Pradeep Lele prepared this display of the books from our own collection that have met challenges (considered by some to be attempts at censorship) in our country.

Disaster preparedness
(July-late September 2002)
Here in hurricane country it pays to be ready for any eventuality (tornadoes, flooding, power loss, etc.) that a hurricane can present. Librarian Monica Norem provided visual, written and videotaped reminders of preparations everyone should be making for hurricane season (June 1 through November 30, annually).

Old Glory, the United States flag
(June 2002)
Government Documents librarian Sarah Naper draped our walls and decorated our display cases in Old Glory for June to celebrate Flag Day (June 14th, annually).

SWAT! the Mosquito Collection Project
(May-June 2002)
Biology Professor Michael Harman supervises the college's contribution to the Harris County Mosquito Control District's mosquito surveillance project. This display, featuring a mosquito trap and a display box containing mosquitos of several species, was mounted by Prof. Harman and librarian Olia H. Palmer.

Cinco de Mayo
(May 2002)
Cinco de Mayo commemorates the defeat of the French army by the Mexicans at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. In many communities in Texas it is celebrated in grand fashion, leading many to believe that this is Mexican Independence Day, which it is not. This display was mounted by the library's circulation chief, Terry Gonzalez, and circulation assistant Maria Avila.

Francophone World
(March-April 2002)
Highlighting selected areas of the world where the French language is spoken (French is an official language in 33 countries on 5 continents), this display by librarian Dr. Carolyn Jacobs was on view during the International Week of Francophonie, March 18-23, 2002.

Black History Month
(February 2002)
African-American art and artifacts and historic photographs of the Civil Rights movement in the United States were loaned by Professors Velma Smith and Linda Mark for this display mounted by librarian Olia H. Palmer.

Sweater for Sarah
(January-February 2002)
Librarian Sarah Naper went all the way to New Zealand and brought home some raw wool; Lane Johnson, director of the Learning Center, combed it, spun it into yarn, and had her daughter knit it into a sweater for Sarah. The display, by Sarah and Lane, showed pictures of the sheep and farm of origin, maps, a spinning wheel, samples of the wool in all its stages, the sweater itself, and a photo of Sarah wearing the sweater.