Borrow a Laptop Computer

Library customers, at least 18 years old, can check out a laptop computer for two hours in the library with library card and picture identification.

How to Borrow a Laptop for Use in the Library:

  1. Show current Harris County Public Library card or Lone Star College System identification.
  2. Show current driver's license or other government issued identification, which will be held by the library until the laptop is returned.
  3. Read, sign and date the "Borrower Responsibility Agreement."
  4. Be at least 18 years old.
  5. Be in good standing with the library. This means the customer cannot owe over $25 in charges nor have an address block.
  6. One laptop per person may be checked out.

Loan Guidelines:

  1. Laptops must be used in the library.
  2. Laptops may be borrowed for 2 hours.
  3. Laptops must be returned to the Customer Service Desk 15 minutes before closing.
  4. Renewals are allowed if no other customer is waiting for a laptop.
  5. Failure to return the laptop on time may result in an hourly fine.
  6. Staff will review the Borrower Responsibility Agreement and checklist with the user and give the user a receipt upon return.

Fines and Fees

  1. Borrower agrees to return the laptop equipment in the same order and condition as when received and if such equipment is damaged or lost while on loan, agrees to reimburse the library for the cost of the laptop.
  2. Fines for in-library use laptops are $2.00 per hour up to a maximum of $100 if the laptop is not returned on time.
  3. Removal of a library laptop from the lending library will result in a replacement charge for the laptop.
  1. Laptops should not be left unattended. Users are responsible for the borrowed laptop. The library is not responsible for loss while the laptop is checked out to the user.
  2. Tampering with the security features of the laptop may result in suspension of borrowing privileges and fines.
  3. Personal software may not be loaded onto the laptop. No user files will be retained on the hard disk.

NOTE: You can use the library laptop or your personal laptop on our wireless network.

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