Use the Wireless Network

What equipment do I need to access the wireless network?

To use the wireless network in the library, your laptop, notebook computer, or PDA must be equipped with a standard Internet browser and a Wi-Fi compliant (802.11b) wireless Ethernet card. In most cases, the card will be installed in the PCMCIA slot on the side of the computer and will be loaded with the appropriate software. If you are using XP, you are ready to go. NOTE: Some newer laptops have built-in Wi-Fi capability, in which case the operating system alerts the user to the presence of an available Wi-Fi network when its browser is on. If you have an Apple computer, all you need is an Airport card or other 802.11b compatible wireless card and the appropriate software installed.

How do I connect with wireless network?

To access the network, make sure your software and card are properly installed, and turn on your computer. If you are using Windows XP, open your web browser. Beginning July 2007, after you open an Internet browser (e.g., Explorer) you will click a button for "Student/Guest Access" to login to the wireless network. If you are using Windows XP, you should automatically be able to pick up a connection from any point on campus. If you don't see the login box with the "Student/Guest Access," please check and make sure that your laptop has a wireless card. Next, if you are utilizing Windows XP, ME, 98, or 2000 operating systems, click Start, Settings, and Network Connections. Under Network Connections, a wireless network connection should be available. Choose this connection. Our wireless network is named Lone Star College System. You must first enable this connection before utilizing the network.

May I borrow a laptop computer for use in the library?

Laptops which are fully configured for the wireless network are available for checkout from the Customer Service Desk. Please refer to the Borrow a Laptop Computer procedures.

Is the wireless network secure?

The LSCS wireless network is as secure as any open public access network like public telephones and dial-up Internet accounts. It is always a good idea to make sure you are on an SSL-encrypted web page prior to sending or receiving confidential data.

can I print from a Laptop?

If you are using your personal or library laptop to access our wireless network, you will not be able to print on the library printers. You can save your work to a portable USB flash drive or attach a file to an email message you can access and use a library desktop computer to print to the library network printers.

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