PLA by American Council on Education (ACE)

American Council on Education (ACE) uses expert evaluators to review workplace training, military learning experiences and national exams for potential college credit matches. ACE provides colleges and universities with credit recommendations, and institutions have the prerogative to award course credit. Lone Star College course credit is generally awarded for introductory level courses and ACE recommendations do not guarantee credit. 

Types of ACE Assessments


All students identified as active duty military or veterans must undergo prior learning assessment (PLA) of their military training and occupational experiences. This process is initiated through an LSCS veteran affairs (VA) advisor. Students are encouraged to begin this assessment process prior to course registration to prevent duplicating courses awarded through PLA. 

Students seeking credit for service in the United States Air Force use the regular transcript evaluation process, not PLA by ACE. 

LSCS accepts certain DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST) for credit. Official exam score reports are required to receive credit and the students must request credit assessment through the external challenge exam process. Please visit the PLA by External Challenge Exam webpage for accepted DSSTs and minimum score requirements.


Joint Services Transcript - Coast Guard transcripts still under development through Joint Services

US Coast Guard (CGI) Transcript

ACE Military Guide

Workplace Education/Training & Exams

Students that have completed workplace education/training and national examinations evaluated by ACE must pursue prior learning assessment to request credit. ACE evaluated training is verifiable through the National Guide to College Credit for Workforce Training. Students are required to provide an official ACE transcript and document on the PLA application the LSCS course credit they are seeking.

Although evaluated by ACE, the credit assessment of CLEP scores is done through the PLA by External Challenge Exam process. Please visit the PLA by External Challenge Exam webpage for a list of accepted CLEP exams and minimum passing scores. Official score reports are required to receive credit. 

ACE Courses Approved for Credit

Lone Star College System has awarded course credit for a number of ACE recommended training programs. Students undergoing assessment of military experience can review course credit opportunities on the LSCS Course Crosswalk of Military Experience. PLA by ACE credit is not limited to the academic programs and courses listed.

Fire Science

National Emergency Training Center / National Fire Academy (NFA) Courses


Disney Course Number/Name  Lone Star College Course Equivalent  
CP0004  Human Resources Mgmt  HRPO 2301   Human Resources 
CP0009 Marketing U-Career Str.  HUMD 0114  Career Search Str. 

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