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Thematic Learning Community Courses

Intro to Learning Communities

Fall 2017 Learning Communities

Are We A Nanny State?
ECON 2301.5L12 (11144) Macroeconomics &
GOVT 2305.5L32 (11958) Federal Government

Tuesdays & Thursdays 1:15 PM - 4:35 PM
Will Social Security be here when you retire? Are economic factors forcing these policies and decisions? Would it be a better economic choice, if the government provided us with all of our necessities? Is it wise to let the government make some of our life-affecting decisions for us through legislation? Are we surrendering our decision-making prerogatives to the government? If you want to find answers, debate issues, analyze viewpoints – come join us for the Learning Community ‘Are we a nanny state?’ This one semester Learning Community combines Federal Government and Macroeconomics in searching for answers to the above dilemmas.

Criminal Minds
CRIJ 1301.5L02 (12852) Introduction to Criminal Justice &
PSYC 2301.5L21 (12877) General Psychology

Tuesdays & Thursdays 9:00 AM - 11:50 AM
The goal of this learning community is to create a fully integrated Criminal Justice and Psychology course. The course will have a strong emphasis on writing and critical thinking, with students regularly providing their reactions to Criminal Justice and Psychology related topics through academic essays, videos, and presentations. Our goal is to fully integrate the material of both courses and have students focus on the historical and philosophical overview of the American Criminal Justice system through a psychological perspective.

Finding "Me": Understanding Education, Impacting the Community
EDUC 1300.5L13 (7651)  1st Year Experience &
EDUC 1301.5L11 (11221) Introduction to the Teaching Profession

The thematic learning community, working collaboratively EDUC 1300 and EDUC 1301 instructors, promotes personal, academic and career success. Students will connect with others interested in the field of education.  Students will empower and inspire through partnerships with their instructors and by providing service within the Greater Houston community. ?

Historically Speaking
HIST 1301.5L41 (7426) United States History to 1877 &
SPCH 1315.5L09 (6906) Public Speaking

Historically Speaking is a Learning Community that will combine Public Speaking with United States History to 1877. The Community will allow students to learn the concepts and practices of Public Speaking as well as early United States history. Students will have the opportunity to present their knowledge using different modalities including speeches, exams, and research. This will deepen their understanding of historical topics, and enhance their ability to focus their Public Speaking skills. Combining the two classes creates a unique experience in both subject areas and offers opportunities for more engaged discussion and connection.

Human Rights, Human Wrongs: A Global Perspective on Language and Culture
ENGL 1302.5L12 (6969) Composition and Rhetoric II &
HIST 1302.5L36 (8886) US History Since 1877

Mondays & Wednesdays 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Are you interested in human rights and social justice? Do you want to know more about the social movements that created modern America? Do you want to learn how marginalized groups created change during the 20th century? If so, enroll in this Learning Community!  It will examine the history of post-Civil War America, the evolution of civil discourse, and the influence of culture while using theme human rights.

Myth Busters: Digging for the Truth
PSYC 2301.5L11 (12446) General Psychology &
ENGL 1301.5L55 (8279) Composition and Rhetoric I

Tuesdays & Thursdays 11:30 AM - 12:50 PM
“Myth Busters: Digging for the Truth,” will teach students to ask questions of the world around them, the multimedia they encounter, and (most importantly) their own thought processes and tacit assumptions. This course will ask: What is truth? Is truth a concept inapplicable to today’s multivalent world? Are there truths about human behavior and human society that are not open to question. Student learning will be reciprocally enhanced by the combination of core scientific concepts with concentrated instruction in research, analysis, and rhetoric.


 Learning Community FAQs

Q. So, will I have two instructors?
A. Yes! Your Learning Community classes will be taught by 2 professors from each subject building the integrated course. In fact, professors interested in teaching a Learning Community class must fill out the Learning Community Application providing students with new creative and innovative ways of learning the course subject beyond what is taught in the courses separately.

Q. Do I have to register for both classes?
A. Yes!

Q. How do I register for a Learning Community course?
A. It’s easy! Just email CyFairLC@LoneStar.edu to register with your Student ID and Learning Community selection!

Q. How am I graded?
A. Each LC course has its own parameters, but most likely there will be ”community” projects that are graded by both instructors. Some Learning Community courses may have individual assessments or projects that focus only on one or the other discipline. Students receive grades for both courses.

Q. What are the benefits of enrolling in a Learning Community?
A. Here are benefits to enrolling in a Learning Community

  • The student’s experience goes beyond what they would ordinarily encounter in the classes if taken separately
  • Improved student success
  • Receive academic credit for both classes
  • Both classes will transfer as courses taken in a traditional format