Internal and external events requiring the use of the Beckendorf Conference Center, S103, S160, N103 and E100 (teaching theater) are coordinated through Sandra Moye. She is the central point of contact and provides all communication for scheduled events.

  • Availability of these rooms may be checked prior to contacting the event coordinator by either accessing the R25 web calendar online or by contacting her directly at 281.357.3787.
  • Completion of an event checklist is required to book the room.

Checklists are available by clicking the link below or by contacting the College Relations office.

  • The event coordinator is responsible for booking the requested space and will forward copies of the checklist to supporting departments for services that the sponsor has requested.
  • The sponsor, not the event coordinator, is ultimately responsible for putting the event together and following through to completion. If your event has been cancelled, please notify the event coordinator immediately by email.
  • Supporting departments such as food service require a minimum of 7-10 days advance notice for their services.
  • If you require a press release for your event, please give us one-month advance notice. It is at the media's discretion whether or not to run the press release.
  • Events are scheduled on a first come first serve basis.
  • Occasionally, a conflict will occur and it is at the discretion of the event coordinator to move your event to another location.

Click here to download the Internal Events Checklist