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When are classes offered?

During the regular academic year, classes are offered during the day between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m, and in the evenings from 6 to 9:30 p.m. Most classes meet twice a week during a 16-week semester. Online and hybrid options are available for select courses.

Students can also take classes during our two summer semesters, which run from early June to mid August. Click here for the most up-to-date schedule information.

How do I know which ESOL course or level to take?

First-time LSC-University Park ESOL students must take the Accuplacer ESL placement test in order to enter ESOL classes. Students who have taken ESOL courses at other colleges in the Lone Star College system do not have to take the placement test if the last course was taken within last twelve months from the time of registration. Friendly advisors are available to help you select the appropriate ESOL courses after you have completed the placement test.

Where can I take the placement test?

The Accuplacer ESOL placement test can be taken at the LSC-University Park Assessment Center located in B13.240. An appointment is not required to take the ESOL placement test. Click here for more information about the Assessment Centerís hours and location.

What is on the placement test?

The Accuplacer ESOL placement test is a computer-based test that includes listening, reading, and grammar questions.  Additionally, students may be asked to complete a writing sample, which is evaluated by ESOL faculty.

How long does it take to get the placement test results?

Students receive their placements results immediately after testing.

What if I have doubts about my placement result?

The placement test is one of the many ways to measure a the proficiency of a language learner, and there are many factors that can influence test results including familiarity with technology, test anxiety, and jet lag. The test result offers a beginning point for a student to start the registration process, but does not limit the student. Our friendly advisors will help you select the appropriate classes.

What is the difference between Credit and Continuing Education ESOL classes?
Credit ESOL classes are designed for students who plan to continue their academic career.  These classes prepare students for English proficiency at a university level.  Students can earn "institutional credits," which can qualify them as full-time students for purposes of receiving health insurance or financial aid.

Continuing Education (CE) ESOL classes are the same classes, but without academic credit. CE classes are designed for students who want to study English for self-improvement or for career development. CE students receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs) upon successful completion of the course.

Should I take classes as a Credit or CE student?
For the academic ESOL program, it is better if you can register as a credit student. US citizens, permanent residents, and students with eligible visas, such as an F-1, H-1B, or H-4 visa, can register as credit.  Students with a high school diploma or GED who need English for college and students who meet the requirements of Texas law SB-1528 (3 years living in Texas before receiving a high school diploma or GED) can also sign up through credit.  Students with a B-1 or B-2 visa (tourist or business visa), or those with ineligible or expired visas must take ESOL classes as a CE student.

How much do classes cost?

To learn more about course tuition, fees and payment due dates, contact the ESOL Advisor, Matthew Oseni.

Email: Matthew.A.Oseni@Lonestar.edu
Phone: 281.401.5330

Continuing Education students are encouraged to contact our Continuing Education office.

Can I receive financial aid for my ESOL courses?

If you are an American citizen or a permanent resident, you may be able to receive financial aid.  If you are an international student on the F-1 visa, you cannot receive financial aid, but you are allowed to work on campus for a limited number of hours while studying full-time at LSC-University Park.

Can I take college-level courses?

You may be able to take college-level courses such as algebra and trigonometry while taking ESOL classes. Contact an LSC-University Park advisor for more information.

How do I begin registration?

Please visit us at LSC-University Park! Our friendly staff will help answer your questions and guide you through the placement and course selection process. Advising and testing takes about 30 minutes for beginning level students and 2 - 3 hours for intermediate and advanced level students.

Lone Star College-University Park
20515 SH 249
Houston, TX 77070

How do I get an F-1 student visa?
Click here to visit Lone Star College's International Student Services, which provides information for both new and current international students. 

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